Saturday, June 19, 2010

There Were Eleven...........Then !!!!!!

Bob Byford: it is a quick flash, a heartbeat, a turn of the wind, the blink of an eye, we take for granted. A moment is lost,the fire dies out, the sun sets, the tide rushes from the shore, heart break sets in, tears begin to flow, from a window of memory we reach.Eleven souls now rest in the sea, they ride the crest of the next wave, they lay on the sea bed, they ride on a pelicans wings. You, are their only shout for justice, the sea never judges, it never forgets, it is very unforgiving. This morning the memories flood in, the sea smell is tainted, the beaches are covered by the foul folly that has been committed. I hear Eleven voices calling , remember me, remember my family, and pray for our sea

Pelicans and porpoise play in poison
the people plead to the politicians
the oil oozes onward
daily dieing, 
dirty deeds divulged
crude constantly climbing
rushing upward from the sea bed

fishermen flounder finding fools
and silent  sand on the sea shore

solutions seemingly secret
the phantom fuel keeps rising
foreign friends with fleets
held helpless at bay

the pelicans and porpoise play in poison
the people plead to politicians
fishermen still finding fools
on silent sandy shores

the salt in the sea from
the tears trickled
by sailors no longer sailing the sea
they know

the pelicans and porpoise play in poison 
the people plead to politicians
fishermen finding fools
on silent sandy shores

plug the damn hole
kick some ass
too late now
to save the marsh grass

the grass that is lost will never come back
dead pelicans will never fly
dead porpoise that will never play
is there a solution or just another lost day
on day 57


Rae said...

Brilliantly written. I wish it was only a tale and not the truth. Such heartbreaking devastation. Lives, businesses, habitats, families, traditions all gone. Like being in a nightmare that will not end. I wish we could wake up and have it over with NOW!!

Bruce Coltin said...

Thank you for writing this!

Marla said...

Oh just makes me sick.

plainolebob said...

Happy Fathers Day to all, my deepest respect and prayers today, for these families that will not have their fathers, sons and brothers here today. Rae Sandra

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