Sunday, November 29, 2009


Ok so I went to diner with Clem not long ago.
He likes steak, so I told him to meet me for lunch at one of those local steak houses.

When I got there, Clem had not yet arrived. So I found a good table by the window, ordered a coffee and waited. About ten minutes later he showed up.

He was full of news about what was going on in the neighborhood, he always has the best gossip, funny how them mailmen never miss nothin.
I realized as we were talkin that I hadn't pulled a prank on Clem for a long time, now would be as good a time as any.
We usually pay for our own lunch, so I needed an idea on how to get Clem to pick up the tab, with out just asking. My prank mode is kickin in.

I noticed that Clem knew a ton of people, as they would all stop by the table and say hi, my idea is born.
We order our food, and I order much more than usual, Clem, noticed, as he remarked, man you must really be hungry today Mr.Bob.
Yep, worked real hard today on that back yard, moved some dirt, and burned some brush, I must have really built up an appetite.

We finished our meal and Clem ordered another coffee, I told him that I really need to get back to that yard and make sure that the fire completely burned out.
Clem, always waves at anyone that waves at him.

So when I get to the cashier, I tell her that today is my birthday, and that fellow over at that table over ther is paying for my lunch.
She asks me which one, I smile at Clem, wave real big, yeah thats him, the guy thats wavin.
Thanks Clem I really enjoyed lunch, I chuckle on my way out.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


It's that time of year that we all give thanks.
Here are a few things that I am thankful for, or maybe not.
In the comments section
let us all know
to thank
not to thank.
That is the question.

  • I am thankful for memories of a good strong economy, the days when you did not hear recession or depression.
  • I am thankful that I am not a turkey, they hang around, git fed. then cooked and carved up, eaten, have jokes made of em, lol dig in.
  • I am thankful for all those little envelopes they send with the bills I owe, I mean I pay most everything on line any way, so I never have a shortage of envelopes.
  • I am thankful for our Veterans, that keep our country safe, and our freedom intact.
  • I am not thankful for terrorist that threaten us in the first place.
  • I am thankful that I live in a country that I can even express in the same breath what I am, or am not thankful for.
  • I am thankful for having roads to travel on, except when they are full of pot holes and hazards.
  • I am thankful for aluminum cans, as they have provided an income for so many.
  • I am thankful for laughter, as it keeps me sane.
  • I am thankful for tears, as they release my pain.
  • I am thankful for women, yall keep me smilin.
  • I am thankful for breweries, yall keep me talkin
  • I am thankful for fish, yall keep me lyin
  • Most of all I am thankful for family and friends, and I have plenty to be thankful for, my children, the clan, my blogger friends, my IRS buddies,a home to live in, food to eat, and a plot that is already paid for.
  • It is really hard to tell anyone and everyone, what I am and am not thankful for, there are so many things to be thankful for, for me that it is ridiculous, especially when I know that there are so many out there hurting, be thankful for what you have, and help someone that may be a little less fortunate than you, regardless of how little you have to share.
  • BOB

Monday, November 23, 2009

FOR ME? Man You Guys Are TOO Much I LOVE YOU ALL

My blog sites:

From Sarah at

from Carnen at
from AlpHa at
Thanks to Tugce!from Alice at

from Barbie at

This last week maybe two, I started a new blog site
and received these
There have been so many kind words said about me
that, I don't know what to say
and that is saying something.
Most Awards Come With  Some God Awful Rules!!!
They want to know 7 to 10 things about you
How do you define
and things like that.
I am Going to follow Hunters' lead
to some degree.
If you are a regular Follower
and a commenter,
In my eyes you deserve any and all awards that are
Not to cop out or anything, I just love all of
blogs so much.
So Take your pick
and go to the givers of these awards
and pass the
Now seven things you don't know about me, and will probably say, UH UH no way

  1. I do not drink gasoline, I prefer kerosene, better flavor and has less of an after taste.
  2. I do not wear hats of any kind, Except in the summer for shade.
  3. I only have ten years to live, they told me that twenty years ago.
  4. I love antiques and am a really big pack rat, I got more shi..., than most out houses.
  5. I follow no political agenda, they are all so screwed up they build a maze and expect us to find our way out.
  6. I follow no particular religious sect or group, I do not believe there should be so many, is there more than one god?
  7. Misss Burb thinks I am sexy, god I love that,lol
  8. And one to grow on, you guess.

Congrats to you all
are all

Monday, November 16, 2009

Bubba Buys Billy Ray A Pop

Bess is still at her brothers.
Talkin bout her brothers, I ever told ya'll how stoopid they are?

Well just in case I forgot, I'll  tell you another little story that will prove my point.

Bubba, likes to play those one dollar lottery things, and really who doesn't.
He always buys the ticket then waits around for the little ping pong balls to come outta, that blowin thing with the numbers.
If he wins any thing, mostly a couple bucks, he buys more tickets and does the same thing over again.
Bubba does this ever Wednesday, and Friday without fail.

Any way, they had the drawing and Bubba knew he had one of the numbers. He was busy, in the middle of fixin his truck an all, so, he asked his brother Billy Ray, if he would go down an cash em in.
Billy Ray, says sure, will you buy me a pop. Ok then I'll go.

Bubba knows , Billy Ray is a little slow, so, he tells him, if any of the tickets are winners, just bring em back an I'll deal with em later, but one of em , this one right here, I already know it has a wining number on it, so use this one, to git your pop, and if there is some left over on it, git me more tickets, ok?

Billy Ray understood, so he takes off for the store.
He walks in, an tells the guy, hey, I'm cashin in this here ticket for my brother, he said I could have a pop out of it, and if anything extra on it git more tickets.
The guy said ok then.
Billy Ray got his pop and went on home.

He went up to Bubba, gave him his paper bag, and the other tickets, Bubba said, any of these winners, Billy Ray turned red, he had forgot to have em checked, when he told Bubba , Well Bubba got mad, for just a minute.
He looked in the bag and said "WHAT the hell is this"
Billy Ray, said I dunno, just what ever was left over from your winnin ticket, didn't they put the change in there.

Yeah, the change is in here, and how damn many tickets is this. Billy Ray said I dunno, just know it took bout thirty minutes to print em all outs all.

So Bubba calls that little store, and asked that ole boy how many tickets did I win , sure looks like a lotta tickets here.
Yep, nineteenthousandninetynine of em, woulda been one mor cept Billy Ray got that pop there.

Friday, November 13, 2009

"Hot Dawg" Yep It's Friday Again- The Thirteenth -Scary Winners

"Hot Dawg Blogger"

The award that Bess and I give out every Friday
to the group of bloggers that catch our eye
and touch or tickle
our heart.
There are no rules
there are no catches.
No need to post a link, that is totally up to you.
this is your award
Mr.Bob and Bess
Thank you for posting and allowing us the visit to your site.
We are honored to be in your presence.
Congratulations to this weeks winners.
This award was designed by Jenno

and dedicated to

Miss Rae


Since it's Friday the Thirteenth
"13" SCARY

This weeks winners are:

So here ar the 

Maria one tough cookie 
Whisper and this is one screamer
BlueViolet a wonderful site, more than a nut shell
Richard,one hell of a lot of intresting insight
Patty the preppy player, look at the whole blog
Jimmy the dating guru, always into something
Stacy always something different
Janice, chock full of all kinds of goodies
CARMEN, just a really cool site
Lily, my kinda people, down on the farm, I love this site
John, music, flowers, just good commentary, you are never let down by John
John,a long time over due, his blog has really grown and changed
San, beautiful art work and just good people

Well now, there
you have it .
to all

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bess' Brother Jesse Gits Married

You know Bess comes from the hill country, an up yonder in them hills, when a boy turns eighteen, he is spected to git a job, help the family out, or just plain git married an move down the road.
 When Bess' brother, Jesse, just before he turned eighteen, went to their paw, an asked what he should do in findin a woman to git married.

His paw tole him, you just go out yonder an find the ugliest wowman, what you can find.

So. Jesse, looked and looked, till he found the ugliest that he could find.

They got married an his family was real proud.

A year went by an Jesse, came to his paw. Paw, this ugly thing is wearin a little thin. I can't git eggsited no more, she's just too ugly, whut should I do.
Paw said, ain't no problem, take her to the city and find one them plastick face doctors, he'll fix her right up.
You sure paw, yep, had your moma fixed, and it werked out just fine.

So, jesse took his bride to the city to the plastick face doctor.
So, Doc, you think you can fixer up?
Oh yeah son, no problem.

Whatcha gonna do, make her nose, wider, shorter, a smaller, or less pointed, or what?

Well, I thought I'd start by puttin her nose between her eyes first.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Traveling Brothers Of Bess Ain't Too Brite Neither

Man, Bess is gonna be so mad at me when she gits back,tellin all these stories on her family.

She has two of the dumbest brothers I have ever met in my life.

We were stayin at the ole family farm, and kept hearing this "tip, tip, tippity tap" noise all night long, it was comming from that ole barn out there.

So, in the mornin I asked, Billy Joe, and Bobby Ray, what the hell all the noise was, all night long.They said "come on down to the barn and we'll show you our little project."

So, I went down to the barn and I could not believe my eyes.
They had all this metal, a ton of welding equipment, a couple of old tractors, a few old cars, and barrels of fuel.

They told me that last night they were building a fuel tank for this here rocket, they is buildin.
Man, it is impressive, bout 20feet in diameter, all kinds of wiring and such, complete with this here nose cone and ever thin.

I asked, Billy Joe, and Bobby Ray, where you boys planni on goin in this here rocket ship, no ways.
They tole me they was a goin to the Sun, in a very excited manner.
I said "the Sun"!!! Now you boys know that is the hottest thing we know about, hell it will melt that there space ship a fore you even git close to it."

Now I know you boys aren't that stoopid, have you even thought about that?

Billy Joe, now he's the smartest of the two, he spoke up real loud, cause I think it made him mad and all.

"Bob, you must really think we're stoopid or sumthin, we've thought this whole thing out and ever thin, thats the reason, we are leavin in the middle of the night, before the Sun even comes up."

Monday, November 9, 2009

Bess Mondays

Bess, is still outta town so I'll tell you a little story she told me about her three aunts one time.

Her aunst Sarry , Ida Bell, and Onie, well are widowed and lived together in this big ole two story house'

They wer sittin in the parlor down stairs.

When Sarry said, "I'm gittin tired think I'll go on up and start the bath and go to bed." So she went up the stairs, started the bath water.
"Now, I can't remember, was I gittin in the bath, or outta the bath."

Ida Bell and Onie heard her debating with herself.
Ida Bell says " poor dear I had better go and check on poor Sarry" so she rises and goes up the stairs.

She gits to the landing, and says " was I going up the stairs or down the stairs, up or down."

Onie says out loud  " I hope I never git like the two of you", and knocks on wood.

"Now was that the front door or the back door"


Friday, November 6, 2009



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  "Hot Dawg Blogger"

The award that Bess and I give out every Friday
to the group of bloggers that catch our eye
and touch or tickle
our heart.
There are no rules
there are no catches.
No need to post a link, that is totally up to you.
this is your award
Mr.Bob and Bess
Thank you for posting and allowing us the visit to your site.
We are honored to be in your presence.
Congratulations to this weeks winners.
This award was designed by Jenno

and dedicated to

Miss Rae


Sorry this took longer than planned,
power has been wrecking havoc around here all week.
Gonna make this short and sweet
before the power bites me again.

These are the picks for this weeks award
Tough cookie mom and I see eye to to eye about oprah
Will was selectected by 
 VL at Vodka Logic
Amy has an amazing blog site about her Mustaang ranch in Arkansas
Kate is widely read for her covert blog about office happenings
ByDSea has a really funny blog on "southerenisms"
Bendigos' blog is about his happenings.
One special award goes to a fairly large , but, nonthe less funnird than hell, site,
Vodka Mom
I was really surprise  she wasn't nominated before
her site has some really funny 
insights into her Kindergarten classes
what they say
what they do.
very funny stuff here
Hot piece of sass
selected from last friday
John at

That does it for this Fridays picks
I hope you all enjoy your"HOT DAWG BLOGGER AWARD"
Have a good week end
gonna get this published before I get 
Power Zapped
Bess says hi

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Betty Betty Betty and Tina Tina Tina thanks

Have you ever been run over with projects,
have you ever found yourself getting strapped for time,
have you ever felt like your just spinning your wheels and going in circles,
well that is eggsactly
what has been happening to me.

these are a few of the awards that I have received lately that need to be mentioned and passed on.

This First one

       CUT AND DRY

                                                                 From: Betty                                                                                                                                                                            
Just in case any one missed it, Betty is so cool, had to list her blog this way Nothing cut and dry about her.
Sorry Betty, one word was too hard for me, can I still keep the award?  
                                                           THANK_YOU BETTY
                                                                     for the award

for being such a wonderul
commenter and friend

Here are the rules fort his award:

                                                       Choose 5 stand out blogs.
                                                       Thank the blogger who gave you this Award.
                                                       Answer the questions below with only one word.  (oops)
                                                       Here are my answers:

                                                       *Where is your phone?     off the hook
                                                       * Your hair?                     smells good
                                                       * Your Mother ?     this is the south  
                                                       * Your  Father?        died last year    
                                                       * Favorite food           cooked  
                                                       * Your dream last
                                                           night?                        was some dream
                                                       * Favorite drinks       beer and beer  
                                                       * Your dreams?                would scare most  people
                                                       * What room are you
                                                           in?                                  the soon to be sewing room
                                                       * Your hobby?            staying outta jail
                                                       * Your fear?                       going to jail
                                                       * Where do you want
                                                          to be in six years?            not six feet under
                                                       * Where were you last
                                                           night?                             watchin the saints
                                                        * Something you're not?     smart
                                                        * Muffins?                         yep had one one time
                                                        * Wish List Item?              more time
                                                        * Last thing you did?           started a fire
                                                        * What are you wearing?   a tuxedo, lol, jk
                                                        * Your pets?                     Bess, and the pit bull Cora, Bess' sister
                                                        * Your friends?           funnier then hell  
                                                        * Your life?              ever single day

                                                        * Your mood?              goofy   

                                                        * Missing someone?        my wino friend
                                                        * Your vehicle?                pickem-up truck
                                                        * Somethinhg you're not
                                                           wearing?                           toupee
                                                        * Your favour colour?         clear or rainbow colored
                                                        * When was the last time
                                                            you laughed?                   ten seconds ago
                                                        * Last time you cried?         ten seconds ago
                                                        * Your best friend?              ain't too brite either
                                                        * One place you go over
                                                           and over?                         LOWES
                                                        * One person that e-mails
                                                            you?                                 no one, and I cry alot about it too
                                                        * Favorite place to eat?        road kill cafe

My picks are:
PLENTY MORE FISH OUT OF WATER now this guy can tell you all about why to date, why not to date, where to pick up, where not to pick up, and leave you crying with laughter before you even finish reading the post

2nd Official Tate-LaBianca Murders Blog talk about an over the top blog, you ain't seen nothin yet if you haven't visited here.

Reason 2 Forget now this site I never ever leave a comment on, why you ask, well it is a teen blog, and since I'm not quite sixtyteen, still considered a tweener, I just don't quite fit in, but it is a wonderful blog site.

Life Is Just Like That AV, has several different blog sites, they are all good and masterfully crafted, you can help but fall in love with his keen eye for the funny side, and his witticism.

A Bitch About Brittany want the truth, it's not always pretty, but she finds and tells the best.

This Next award came from:

The Clean White Page
her blog als receives the afore mentioned over the top
If I have to Tina
You can have mine

From: Tina


Wow10 people get this award, I better be brief then
and here they are: Mike , a beautiful blog site. Aion, this guy has a very small following, and blogs your profile. Kate, most every one follows her, and you gotta love that blog. Carmen, crazy conversations that are funny and amusing. Mary has a great  site that most ladies will think is pretty, me, uh well uh,ok then I agree. This site is too funny at times,lol.  This is a very funny site, look up "southern-isms" that post nails it. Lesley, go check her out and you will see why, love them Texans. I always love my visit here Tammy just makes you feel so comfortable. Nathan always has amazing animal facts.

Well congrats to all the people that got the awards, and a special thanks to  Betty and Tina, please don't for get to go by these blogs, say hello, and thanks.
A special thanks to Bendigo  at Bendigos' Rag
He had sent me this award first, and it completely slipped my mind, sorry Bendigo,

I Really Want To THANK_YOU TOO, been having a lot going on lately, so thanks for your e-mails.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

An Early Note From Bess

I was so thrilled the way the awards thing came out, I just wanted to take this time to thank-you all.
If for any reason you wante to make a selection and simply missed it because I posted, please let me know, and I will rectify it. We love all of you and would not want you to be upset.
That said, I will now let you know a little more about Bob and I, we have had so many e-mails with questions, so , here goes.

Yes, Bob really did live at sea. In fact I wish he would write about it more. It was a tough, rough time in our lives, as he was gone on so many trips and gone for long periods of time.

No, Bob never ever, thought about becoming a minister, at any time, can you just imagine what the sermons would be about, or how they would be paraphrased, I just  can not.

Yes, Bob really does all of the remodeling himself, and yes it is very professional work, of course I may have a gun at my head while I am typing this, just kidding, no need to call 911, I truly enjoy the new up dated bathroom, kitchen, and dining room. Now praying for some mishap, I really would like a sewing room,lol.

No, Bob is not writing a book an the "adventures of Mr.Bob", I do not know where that rumor started, but ever since he read that one, he has tried to really take on the Mr. Bob . "persona", amusing, at times.

Yes, we are really simple people, in that we live with in our means and enjoy mostly normal simple things in life.

We are both fairly easy going, if there is a temper, it is mine. I must admit Bob, tolerates much more than I do.

No, Bob, is not a gun toting drunk, lol, can not find where that came from. He does hunt, and he does enjoy a beer, but he is not, nearly as bad about it as he writes.

Well, unless there are any more questions about us right now, I have to get ready to go to Coras' for her birthday, oh, yes and no, Bob and Cora get along, at times. Better to keep them separated from each other.

I am writing this a little early, because I need to get on the road. I will be back by Thursday.

Much love, many thanks, and as always, BIG BIG HUGS
Bess Rae Sandra

PICKS betty chris pick mike sarah patty bess sandee, by me polly miss rae jenno miss sandra hunter

smellthecoffeelisa crib lad susan from roni

fictiongroupie alice">Add your blogs for free, get more traffic and good position to the top search engines." border="0">

Always a pleasure! ! !

You can never have too many friends! ! !