Friday, January 15, 2010

Strange ole Jess

There was an old man I knew, from the foot hills in Arkansas.
Many thought he was a little strange, me, I loved his stories.
He would tell of events that happened long ago, as if he had been there with a first hand account.
He was much too young to have either been living then, much less to have been at the site of the story.

Jess, was his name and he was married to my aunt Cynthy, they loved fishing and popcorn.

One morning while I was visiting, Jess invited me fishing, I was delighted and excited, Jess very seldom took anyone fishing with him, so I really felt special.

While fishing, Jess started telling me of an event that had happened in 1883. He said he didn't know how all of this happened but he knew it did.

A Wells Fargo line, was traveling from St.Louis to Little Rock, when it was pulled over by a group of bandits. There were only three passengers on board at the time, a young man returning home from a trip, a gambler that had lost all of his money in St.Louis, and a man from Scotland that seemed really out of sorts, probably drunk, as he had been sipping on something the whole trip.

Jess went on to tell me that it was really strange in so far as the stage driver was so calm, and none of the passengers were all that put out. They all remained so calm, as if they all knew that it was going to happen, that is except for the young man that was returning home to Little Rock.
He became very nervous and scared, he was so young, maybe in his early twenties.

The bandits asked for the strong box, without hesitation the driver threw it down. That strong box held gold coins, that were to go to a bank in Little Rock. Jess wasn't sure of the amount because none of the people had mentioned anything about it.

The bandits, turned the horse loose, took the weapons, loaded the strong box and rode away.

This incident had been bothering my uncle Jess for some time, he told me. Why were all the people so calm, except that youngun, why didn't the bandits shoot all the witnesses. He just couldn't make no sense outta it he said.

Strangest thing though of all, was, I see where they go to hide the strong box, where they bury it and all.
I see all the bandits gettin shot up by the posse that tracks em down and all, but no one goes to get that strong box, and well, it's just buried there by that ole oak tree only bout three feet in the ground.

Jess, went on, I know exactly where that place is, the ole oak tree, right there by Mahoneys' crossing, six feet from the creek, that ole strong box still sittin there.
Jess was acting really strange while he was telling the story, like he was in a different place, like the whole thing was happening right now, right in front of him, and this was spring time in 1953, one hundred and thirty years later. I was a little concerned about his mental state, and a little fearful.

I became curious, and decided to investigate, just to see if anything like this really happened.
I found out that a Wells Fargo stage coach had indeed been robbed at that time, and nothing was ever recovered.
The only problem was that it had occurred near Greers'  landing, not Mahoney's crossing, which was ten miles further south down the river.

I visited, Mahoneys' crossing, I found an old dilapidated bridge, with a huge oak tree, six feet from the bank of the river, I got cold chills that ran down my spine.
I just knew that my uncle Jess had been here before.


Bruce Coltin said...

Okay, you got me! Will there be a Part 2? Good to hear from you again, Ole Bob.

Aion said...

Ok Bob.. Where's the GOLD!!! lol
And I'm with Bruce.. Part 2???


Hunter said...

Good to see you back.

MsBurb said...

Hey! Bob is ALIVE!!!

How come I didn't see an announcement of said on CNN???Hmmmm?

Now stop taking "sojourns" left a vacuum in our lives, ya know! Geez!


Sarah said...

to be continued....yay!

Anonymous said...

C'mon Bob, finish the story! Please!!!!! Oh, and welcome back. I've missed your stories.


Alice in Wonderland said...

It's great to see you back, Bob, and on fine form too! You have been missed so much!
Yes, waiting for part two too!

Farila said...

So that is why you are missing ??? Found the gold and enjoying life while we wait for you holding our breath and turning blue? HUH?
Anyway I wan't to welcome you with a warm hug

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

I really missed you, Bob. Reading this, it's as if you've been here all along for 150 years or so.

Marla said...

Bob!!!! I'm so happy to see you I'm gonna say it backwards. boB!!!
Ok, now finish the dang story, buckeroo.....

Jim said...

Good post Bob, keep up the great stories you post and yes, (I agree with Bruce as well), what about Part 2?
Have fun buddy and Go Saints and Go Chargers!

plainolebob said...

part two soon.

The mystery,lol left you hangin.

Hunter, thanks.

CNN missed to briefing, too busy with the earth quake.

Sarah, Yay to you as well.

Fierce, ok ok ,will finish it soon.

Alice, now can't leave you waiting too long I see.

Farila, havent taken off with that gold.

RawknRobyn, man 150 yrs?

Marla, you sooner buckaroo, will do.

Jim, those whodat saints got one tough road.

Will Burke said...

On the edge of my seat, man! I tagged you on my Blog! See ya soon! said...

And? And? You now have us all waiting you bugger, there is a part two? Yes? Rae Sandra

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