Monday, February 1, 2010

The Good Ole Daze ! ! !

One thing i just do not get and I have heard it over and over my whole life.

They just don't build em like they use too.
This use to be only three dollars.
I can remember when.
People just don't act the same now days.  (hmm?)
Where Have their manners gone?
What is happening to this place.

Man, I could go on and on but I won't. I was just kickin around things in my mind and started thinking about all this stuff, so what the hell, why not get it outta my head and into yours, LOL.

Houses just are not built like they use to be.
The old house had outside toilets that people would tip over, they were drafty and cold in the winter and a hot house in the summer.  The plumbing was just coming into existence, so most of the joint leaked under the sinks and rotted out the floors.
Electricity, man they used these old wires that frayed easily, you ever been into an attic of an old house?  The wiring looks like it was made with fur balls and spider webs.
The windows were thin sheets of glass, and they were always stuck.
The floors were cool though, solid wood floors, very pretty but seldom if ever insulated, so in the winter it felt like you were walking on a sheet of ice, if you were bare footed.
THANK GOD, they don't build houses like they use too.

Ever seen an attic fan, cool, oh yeah, practical, not hardly. I will take my central heat and air unit any day.

So what do you think?

Were things better back when?  What do you think was better and why?  Tell me, no better yet tell us all.

I am a firm believer that not only are things better, but they are getting even more so every day.

List your answer in the comment section.


Farila said...

Since I love computer a lot (I think I love it more than my husband ;) ) I would not like to go back to the good ole days.. no matter how much silly people will praise it. I still have the toilet outside.. hrrmmppp.
I want to fast forward my life and live in future ....

buddeshepherd said...

I think people were of a higher quality back then. Hard times and a good moral code through which to interpret those hard times, built strong characters with an ingrained sense of right and wrong.
Cars were not as good. According to the old pluggers here at coffee time a Pontiac straight 8 only lasted 90,000 miles. Houses may have been built more sturdy but they were cold. In many ways it seems it was easier to make your fortune through hard work and determination... I don't know. In 1950 I would not have been sitting at a computer at 7:43. I may have been reading the paper and still not doing my chores, as I am a lazy farmer...

Sarah said...

i'm sure glad the houses are not built the old way. i can't use an outhouse so i'd die from constipation. i can't pump water from a well every time i need water, so i'd die from thirst. nope, can't do that. i'm so grateful to people who invented modern stoves, washer, dryer, indoor plumbing, etc.

plainolebob said...

Farila, it is easier in your world to have a passion, it is not easy there.
love your comment.

Budd,thank-you for a great comment.Those "old pluggers" have it right.

plainolebob said...

Sarah, we are lucky to live in this country of plenty, and have the use of modern conveniences.

Rae said...

Sometimes I think they build things to fall apart soon. It makes the manufacturers richer to have the consumer return more often for replacements. Yes everything is more expensive. Hard to find something that isn't computerized... little microchips in everything. So far toilets haven't been affected though. One day they will find a way to put microships in people. Wonder how long our chips will last before we break.

Alice in Wonderland said...

Well, you know that I live in a VERY old place, and with it being a Grade 1 listed building, there is only so much that we can do to "modernise" it,
But my own private rooms are warm, and have central heating, I even have an indoor bathroom too!
I could never do without my computer though! I'm secretly having an affair with it, but hush, that is a secret!

plainolebob said...

Miss Rae, i think you may be right about making some things to only last for a certain amount of time,
God I hope they never get around to doing any thing else to the toilet.

Alice, yep, you are in a pickle living in a historic site, kind of ironic in a way. At its time it was the most lavish for the time, don't you feel, had the original builder been around for upgrades as time passed, they would have added them.

Betty said...

I think they have found the way to put microchips in people nowadays.
I think all of us love our computer, civilization has made great steps.
I realize though people were absolutely of higher quality back then, only for this reason , I love old times. Loved your post!
Take care
Hugs xx!

Anonymous said...

back in the old days ,umm hell I forgot what i did yesterday sonny

fashion has improved and dresses are shorter then my attention span

Anonymous said...

The only thing I think was better in ye olde days was dieting cuz there were no artificial flavors in food. It was all dug up from the earth and what-not, although I think environmentalists and PETA would've hated it!


blueviolet said...

Things are getting so much better but that makes us even lazier! Disadvantages come along with those advantages. :(

Starts with one said...

my url comes now. better than yesterday when i had to type it .lol.

Melissa B. said...

And I used to walk to school BOTH WAYS, UP HILL, and in the SNOW!

I Wonder Wye said...

LOL. My brother once told my dad that if he were around when they invented FIRE dad would scoff and say 'fire? in MY day we didn't need fire! Who needs to keep warm and eat cooked food...." It's pretty much true....and not to outdo the last commenter, but I walked backwards both ways to school in the there....seriously, there were lots of things that were better, and many things better now, but what's the use of dreaming? Go with the here and now and live thankfully.....I want you to go to my blog as I would love to hear your thoughts on my post 'no good deed.' Take care, keep warm....

PassionD said...

I am completely new to this blog experience and after hours of searching for blogs to follow, read, and entertain yours is refreshing. I understand what you are saying but find it more on the funny side because i'm younger and have less "good ole daze" experience. The comedy comes in when i can remember my Great grandfather saying the same exact things. I ask that you visit my blog even if its just once and if you have any advice then please share.

Anonymous said...

I wish I lived so far back in the good ole days that I would be dead now. Less is more.

Betty said...

Bob, I just nominated you for an award!!
Please check out my site.
Betty /HUGS

Larry said...

My grandparents were tenant farmers who usually lived in unpainted shacks with newspapers glued to the walls to keep out the drafts. Grandma once told me that when electricity was coming to the area some people had not yet bought light bulbs by the time TVA installed the wiring. Some homes had a cord with an empty socket dangling over the kitchen table so people used to stick a half a corncob in them. That was to be ready for when TVA turned on the "juice". They didn't want it spilling out. That's a true story, at least according to her.

The Crafting Nut said...

What for the new toilets old sears and roebuck or monogrammed toilet paper! Take a peek ;)

Just Playin' said...

Love livin' in the present. All I know is my adult kids are having a heck of a harder time than I had back in the day. And...the best is yet to come fo sho!

UberGrumpy said...

We used to live in a house built of engineering bricks. Couldn't drill through the walls for love nor money.

Tough but a bit impractical...

Chris said...

HBob, glad to see the blog is still up and running. I just had a terrible thing happen to me...After almost a year and 340+ posts and a PR4, Blogger tagged my blog, ITRH, as spam and removed it. I've been fighting for the last week to get it back up, but it's not looking good. I almost can't believe it!

Susan said...

It's a definite mix. Electronics and conventions have enhanced and improved, while workmanship and material quality has for the most part deteriorated. Old appliances lasted far longer than new ones. Plastic parts have replaced metal ones. Buildings were ornate and enhanced by those who had a hard-earned craft. But I sure love a plush carpet, a vacuum cleaner, dimmer switches, electric garage door openers, hot tubs and micro-fibre blankets!!!!

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

Things are much better.
People are much worse.
Glad you're back to blogging, though. That makes it all okay.

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