Monday, October 19, 2009

Comments Don't You Just Love Em----Bess Reads Them All.

Hi Ya'll,
Bess here, and I would like to talk about the comment section of blogs, from bloggers.

I have grown to know many of you by reading the comment section, not only here, but on many of your blog sites, Some of the comments I have enjoyed so much on other sites, that I have actually, clicked on the comment, and gone to visit that site,

A nice comment is like a breath of fresh air, the post script, that anyone looks forward to. In fact, Bob , calls it the heart beat of the blog.
So many of you e-mail him, and he asks me for advice on some, but he is fairly sound, he answers every one of those e-mails. They have all come from the comment section.

Some times the comment section is as amusing as the blog it self, I love going back and seeing who takes the time to answer their comments, Bob, told me that a fellow blogger, from South America, had pointed out to him, early on, how important comments were.

Turning the page now.
I still have not found out the reason  that I received the new bathroom, but I had fun this week visiting all the bath shops. I got to purchase,  needed towels, and new accessories, all the little knick knacks that drive  Bob crazy, LOL. Since the shower is a stand alone, with the glass door, there was not a need for a shower curtain, I miss the shower curtain.

Bob, also put in all the little, hold on to, handicap handles. he said we will need these some day. Probably sooner than later too.
His mother has what he calls, "old timers", which is really advanced dementia, and he had put all the handicap items around her house years ago, they are really coming in handy now.

I hope everyone has a great week, BIG HUGS, Bess.


Kate said...

Well I can't read that and not comment - Anything for you Bob :P

Kate xx

plainolebob said...

Kate, we love you, big hugs.

Betty said...

There are quite very nice comments.Sometimes i take the time to visit new people through their comments.
Happy day Bess and Bob:)
hugs hugs

Hunter said...

The heart of a blog.

I like that and certainly agree.

Alice in Wonderland said...

Bess, I'm sure that you will find out the reason why he put in your new bathroom!
There are some really nice comments, and you get to know people very well by the way that they write. That's how I find out on who's site to write on.
Hope you and Bob are doing well.
Big Hugs!

plainolebob said...

Betty, Don't you just love those commenting people.

Hunter, you are such a sweetheart, and that blog today is just wonderful.

Alice, I hope you are feeling a little better now.BIG HUGS

Pollyanna said...

I like to respond to comments directly via e-mail.

If that's not an option, I usually visit their blog. I can always find something to comment on. Sometimes, I have to go through a few posts, but there is always something I can connect with.

Is Bob sucking up for something? No matter, enjoy your new bathroom :)

Charlene said...

Comments are blessings indeed.

BTW - I actually have "sometimers." Sometimes I remember and sometimes I forget!

Dayne Gingrich said...

Bess + Bob = Happiness.

Love the read. And I agree~ comments comments comments sure make us feel good, eh?

Give Bob a big kiss for me (no tongue... not on the mouth).


Farila said...

I am under pressure to come up with a good comment now LOL... Comments do attract attention..
Love you both B and B

plainolebob said...

Polly, we always love you e-mails, any way we hear from you is just OKEY_DOKEY with us, Bob is always sucking up,lol.

Charlene, you are the blessing, your comment is a plus.

Dayne, you and your are so lovely, lol. ok, just a peck on the cheek then.

Farila, never feel under pressure for a comment, you have enough on your plate already, We love you.

Sarah said...

comments can make a blogger's day for sure. shopping can make a girl's day. have fun shopping bess.

John said...

I agree that the comments are as amusing as the blog itself! On my blog I usually throw in something (usually something very personal) in my comments area that has something to do with the blog post, but only those who click on comments get to read. And sometimes I realize I left out something important, so I will put it in the comments area.

I almost always reply to my comments and encourage the readers to click on "email follow up comments." And each time I leave a comment on a blog, I always subscribe to the comments. I wish this was an automatic thing, because sometimes I do forget to click that on!

plainolebob said...

Sarah, thank you, going shopping this afternoon, and I love it. lol

John, what a wonderful idea, Bob said you were ill for a while, I hope you are better now.

ByDSea said...

I think Charlene and I will need to start a support group, finally I found someone else with sometimers, just when I thought I was all alone, see comments do work!
Cheers friends!

plainolebob said...

ByDsea, you and Charlene, start the "sometimers" and I will join too. lol

Chester said...

Apologies for not commenting sooner B&B, I've struggled to find time to get reading recently but aiming to catch up this week!!!

Loving the comments about the errr...comments! =)

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

One of the first blogs I started reading was a financial/economic blog. Boring, right? Not likely. The comments are truly the heart and soul of that blog. I would read the excellent posts and then dive into the comments. The commenters commented on not only the post but what other commenters had to say. I have always liked when the blogger comments right in the comments and not just in e-mail. It is like following a good conversation. When the blogger answers comments only in an e-mail, it is like watching one side of a tennis match only. Besides the blog roll, comments are my number one place for finding interesting blogs.

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

Bess, I agree with you. I love the comments and I love responding to them. Now you need to go away try for a new kitchen. :)

plainolebob said...

Happy, I always read them all, I just love them all, and thank you so much for stopping by.

Jeff, you commenys are always nice.

Mike, I have been eying new furniture lately, hmm... lol

Just Playin' said...

What is a blog without comments? I mean if I take the time to read the post I always have something to say! I love connecting with people from all over the world this way. I agree, the way you really get to know people more is through their comments. I regret though, that if someone doesn't go back to your comment section again, they miss they answer you leave them. Enjoy your new BR!

Vodka Logic said...

I agree that the comments can be as good if not better than the blog.
I try to answer some with in the blog comments and sometimes I email..

plainolebob said...

Miss Sandra,thank you so much, i am so glad that you enjoy the comments too, sometimes Bob gets alittle carried away with his, lol

VL, so glad you made it by, we enjoy you so much. Rae Sandra

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Always a pleasure! ! !

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