Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I was so thrilled everyone loved Bess, She was so thrilled thet I let her write too. Funny thing there, the word "let"......ain't no let to it, iffen she want to do somethin, she's gonna do it. Remember the rule round here, what Bess want Bess gits.

Anways she kinda spilt the beans, bout our hick hippie days. It may seem fer fetched to sum of ya'll,
\think bout, ole Bob bein a hippie. So if ya'll want the full story I will fill you in soon.

For any thing that you want Bess to blog about leave a not in the comment box, seems like she's gonna end up maybe with her own blog site or take this one over, we aren't sure yet as we only have this one computer.

Right now I would like to thank Alice, From "Alice In Wonderland" http://thewondersofalice.blogspot.com/

for the "You Are My Sunshine" award, her blog is so funny, not haha funny but them little poems of hers is so cute and nice, the kind you wanna memorize and tell the kids and grand kids. I mean a cow what flies and everthin. You will love em.

Then yesterday, JW, from "List your topic Here"http://yourtopichere.blogspot.com/
on this site you ask a question, leave it in the comment section, then JW comes up with the answer, along with much more information on the subject., a very good read. Thank-you JW for the nice award. I think there are some stipuelations for accepting and I will try my best,lol, to answer honestly(not) to them


1. Thank the person who gave me the award.

2. Copy the award and place it on my blog.

3. Link to the blog that nominated me. You can clink JW  from above

4.   tell my fellow bloggers 7 things they may not know about me.
  1. I was born an okie, not from muskogee
  2. I really was a hiipie.
  3. I have a dog  named sadie.
  4. I fix stuff up, and am really good at it
  5.  I can't sing, but I am a dancin fool, no not a balaerina  
  6. I won the gas grill cooking contest three years runnin
   7. I can whistle through my nose                                                                                           
4. Pass it on.  Didn't say when so I'm gonna let bes do it.

I just can't belive all the nice things you folks do, and if you read my blog on the other site at "just kickin it around" then you know why all this is so special to me.

After whut happened in that accident, and all thet happened afters, you folks know now why you are all so special to me.


Farila said...

Hi there Bob.. I liked reading the post Bess made. I think she should share this blog with you.. It would be great to have you both on the same blog. It is also nice to have the award things going. I want to visit more blogs you and Alice post the links to but I am very less time on internet now.. I am going to continue my studies and also I have started working this year.... Wish I had more time.

Alice in Wonderland said...

Aw, Bob, you are such a sweet little dish! I enjoyed Bess writing yesterday, maybe you should let her have her own blog, just so we can hear all about you both!
I can't imagine you as a Hippy, but that was before my time! But I love hearing about all that stuff!
Did you really have long hair? I can just see you as one of these really laid back, cool people! Probably with flowers in your hair too!
Love you Bob, and I told Bess that too!
YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE! (sing along with me!)

Charlene said...

Absolutely, Bess should get her own blog. Something a little less "manly" in design at least!!

plainolebob said...

Farila, you are so beautiful, any time you visit is a warmth to us, Bess will probably be doing most of the writing on this site and I will write my stories an the other.

Alice, You are so wonderful and friendly, just always picture you in that big ole castle sweeping away and lookin for the treasure. Yes I really did have long hair back then and did a lot of other silly stuff too. Bess loves you too. I am singing along.

plainolebob said...

Charlene, we love you site so much, so full of wisdom you. Bess will probably start her own site, I guess you noticed she write a lot differnt then me, lol

JW said...

Mornin' Bob. I'm not the award givin' type but when I got that thing I was so happy. When I was told to pass it I quickly thought of you. I'm so glad you accepted it and I also know that the people you pass it to will be more than deserving of an award.

And say hi to Bess for me. She's so sweet.

plainolebob said...


Thanks so much for the award, I will always accept an award,because to me it is a sign of appreciation. Bess says hi, and she loves your blog

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

Congrats on your awards .You do
deserve them.

plainolebob said...

Betty, thank-you, sumtimes I do wonder if I do.

Alice in Wonderland said...

Oh Bob, you old devil! You know that you deserve all the awards that you get!
I want to hear more of your stories...and what Bess has to say about you!
I'm looking forward to getting to know her!
Big hugs to you both!

Alice in Wonderland said...

WOW Bob! I am so amazed! I'll be checking out your other blog too from now on. Thank you for sharing that! You really do deserve a medal!
Well, I'm off to bed now as it is after 2:00 a.m. here now, but I'll be back tomorrow!
You just take care of yourself...you are really something special!
Big Hugs for a very brave and courageous man!

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

Congrats on all you trophies:)

P.S. You know you have to share them all with Bess lol ;)

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

I'm like a little kid at christmas waiting to open presents. I can't wait to read about your hippie hick days. :P

Farila said...

Thanks ... (blushing )
I am not doing things in a organized manner like I usually do ... Do you have another blog which I am following ? Have I missed it. I saw the mention of it on your post and wanted to check but as usual we had a power cut and when I got back on computer ... I forgot.

Chester said...

Bob, it was great to hear from Bess, and I'm sure she'll make a cracker of a blog to rival yours!!!

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Oh dear I know I left a comment here the very day you notified me about this.

Oh dear, I hope I didn't thank someone else. But, comments disappear some times. I am so so sorry if you didn't get it.

I was here in a jiffy as soon as you left the message!!

Thank you so very very much!! I will be working on an awards post tomorrow. It will publish for Saturday!!

Thanks bunches and big big hugs!!

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