Monday, October 12, 2009

Bess Ain't Here So Just Leave A Note------Bob

Sorry folks, Bess had to go to her sister Coras, she just called a few minutes ago, woke me up and reminded me that her Monday blog was not written.
She had planned to write a blog about he favorite recipe today.
Hell, I don't know which one is her favorite, well I do, but I don't know exactly how she makes it, it's a corn bread and black eyed pea casserolle, or sumthin like that, hell, I just eat it.

Now for me I make a terriffic peanut butter and jelly samich, you take two slices of bread, spread a heapin portion of peanut butter, and a heapin portion of jelly on the other slap em together and you got one good samich..

I been tellin the story of my hippie hick trip on the othe blog site, and I still got one last part for it.

Bess' sister Cora, has a  big house in a little community called Oakdale, it ain't all that far away, but when you git all that family together,man it triples the population of that little town.
One of their cousins passed this last week, so they are all there to lend support.

As you can tell this really caught me off guard, I'm gonna have to show Bess how to write these things and put em in save.
Well, Bess, will be back tomorrow, let her know all about it, no better not she is so sensitive, hell iI joke with her sumtimes and she cries, lol, not really.
Ok she'll write sumthin for ya'll herself.



Rae said...

It's always a pleasure to read anything you write, even if it is how to make a peanut butter sandwich. Hope Bess gets back soon to fix you something good to eat. Maybe we will get that recipe next week. Hope you have a great day and thank you so much for the nice comments you always leave on my blog.

plainolebob said...

Miss Rae, you are so welcome, and hope Bess hurrys up to, man I am making such a mess she's gonna kill me, lol, I'll fix it sum how.

Alice in Wonderland said...

Now Bob, you know that I love you and that you are my most favourite person to write to, but you should have asked Bess if she could have left you something to eat! Still, your peanut butter sandwich sounds great, and I would gladly share it with you!
Hope Bess is O.K.
Love to you both. XX

plainolebob said...

You are such a sweet heart, the samich was good too. Bess is at Coras'

Sarah said...

i love peanut butter sanwich - at least i can survive on it if i didn't have time to cook. my regards to cora's family. in the meanwile you behave when the wifie is gone - no drunken party ok?

plainolebob said...

Sarah, oh she will be happy, I hope.

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

That sounds like a great recipe. I think I'll make it tonight. Peanut Butter samich. :) Wait, dang, no clean knives.

plainolebob said...

Hell, Are you spose to use a nife, Damn, I used a spoon. lol

Just Playin' said...

I love PB&Js. Send me one! Everytime I want to send you a comment I have to sneak up on the button. If I don't really, really sneak up on it, it disappears...I mean it. It's just ghostly!

Millie River said...

I think that is adorable that you support each other's blogging habits. =) Rae Sandra

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Always a pleasure! ! !

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