Friday, October 2, 2009

Hot Dawg--Come and Get it

Introducing and awarding the MrBob, "HotDawg Blogger" award.
The very first winners of
This little token of my appreciation
for not just writing an exceptional blog, but for also being
A Wonderful Follower
An Amazing Commentor
A Beautiful Person
And Dogone It  Just Being Plain Ole You

Some of you, I have met in the coffee shop blogger site, some of you have been sent over from another site because of the kind words that were said, some of you  I searched out and found on another bloggers following list. To coin a phrase "I never met a blogger I didn't like" and I love and cherish you all. Hugs.

Any ways me an Bess were looking at all you
nice folks,
and we came up with this here long list of great peeples.
we just had too many
sos, we narrowed down to
these here winners.

Pollyanna, at 'Life Makes Me laugh      "
read her and always laff.

Nanny, at "Nanny Goats In Panties"
them goats is so funny an always doin sumthin.

AlpHa button Pusher, at" Simplify"

Alice, at "Alice In Wonderland"

Mike, my dear blogging buddy who laffs at ever thin I write about and has the craziest cats  always make me laff. He can be found at "Stories Of An Innocent Cat Owner"

I hope thet ya'll love receiving this little award as much as I love giving it.

Ever Fiday From now on round here will be
"Hot Dawg" Friday
Cause Bess said so, an you all know
"what  Bess wants, Bess gets"
Love and Hugs
will see you next Friday for some more winners
and I hope it is YOU.

**all winners feel free tp pas along you award as you see fit. HUGS**
PLease feel free to visit all site, and don't forget my othe one at


Charlene said...

Congratulations all! Well-deserved!

Alice in Wonderland said...

Aw! Thank you Bob! I will be proud to show this one off!
By the way, you can shrink mine down to the size that you want. I just wanted to show you that you are my sunshine!

plainolebob said...

thanks friday? lol Hugs

Alice..I loved the bat,lol

JW said...

Outstanding. Congrats to the winners.

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...


Thanks ya'll :)

I think Bess sould start a blog too lol. (Just sayin')

Innocent Owner of Proud Hot Dawg Cats said...

Bob, it a true honor to recieve this. I will display it proudly on my site.

plainolebob said...

JW, there are always hot dawg fridays, i loved thet little critter you got there.

AlpHa, so glad your happy, you know you gave me my very first award. HUGS

Mike, a confession, I have never got along with cats, but you changed my whole outlook, and thanks for that.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Well, shucks, plain ol' bob! Thankee kindly!

I'm honored!

- Margaret

Innocent Owner of Mad Cats said...

Well in that case Bob, I'm slappin a stamp on there butts and mailin out to you today! LOL

Thank you for the kindness my friend.

plainolebob said...

Nanny, I have loved your blog ever since sherry sent me there. them goats is too funny.

Mike i said I like em, but i LIKE EM WITH YOU lmao.

Jenno said...

Congrats to all the winners! :) I'm so glad they've all found great homes!

plainolebob said...

thanks so much for making this possible.
How you like the idea of Hot Daw Friday?
Bess says hi

Jenno said...

Hey, if you can keep doling 'em out, I'm all for it!

Hiya Bess! Hugs to you both!


found you from alice! i love her and anyone she thinks is good is good in my book too! new follower!

justme said...

Very nice of you to even thinking of giving awards to other bloggers.
Keep up the nice work.

Farila said...

I have found few wonderful bloggers through you Bob. I love this idea of your's of awards and introduction. So glad to be part of your group

Pollyanna said...

Thanks so much Bob!

Sorry, I've been a little absent - I've had a pretty nasty cold making my head really fuzzy. It took me half a week to formulate my last post, and normally life is so funny they just write themselves in about 20 minutes. It's a sad state of affairs here.

But your award sure has perked up my week!

Now Bess, I'm looking forward to your point of view. I agree with Alpha, you should have your own blog. I'd love to see a He Said/She Said kind of thing between you two :) Rae Sandra

PICKS betty chris pick mike sarah patty bess sandee, by me polly miss rae jenno miss sandra hunter

smellthecoffeelisa crib lad susan from roni

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Always a pleasure! ! !

You can never have too many friends! ! !