Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mr. Bob, Gives In, Bess, Blogs On Monday

Hi ya'll I am Bess, Mr. Bobs' bess thet is.
First let me say, it took a while to git thet ole man to let me speak my mind here. He is so  funny and I am so  serious, I just don't know haw we git along sum times.

I like the girly stuff, and many of you girls have such beatiful blogs, I am tryin to convice this ole man to purty it up sum. It don't have to be pink or nuthin, just more clean or sumthin.
It kinda looks like his messy ole shop, filled up with stuff just layin ever where.

Any ways, he is gonna let me do the blog on Mondays, Now if eny of ya'll have any question fer me, or wanna know sumthin special . Just leave me a note here, and bu Monday I'll try and figger it out.

BIG HUGS, Ever One, see you Monday then.


John Silveira said...

The BOSS has spoken !!!!!! That's great !!!!... Bob, stop by for a visit... special post today...

Amanda {My Life Badly Written} said...

ooh can't wait till Monday - nice to meet you Bess!!

Alice in Wonderland said...

Nice to meet you Bess. Looking forward to seeing how you cope with
He's a really sweetie, and everyone just loves him!
Big hugs to you both! XXXX

plainolebob said...

John, well mr. bob talks bot you all the time, now he is even watchin base ball sgin.

Amanda, I can't wait to meet you girls. lol, wnna know eny dirt on bob, or eny thin else just ask.

Alice, well now mr. bob is always braging bout your castle, an treasure an such. he is a puppy really, just don't tell him taht tho,lol

plainolebob said...

well i see mr. bob don't have my pikture here, i don't look like no clown.

Rae said...

Well finally we meet. Now we can get the behind the scenes lowdown on Mr. Bob. You can share gossip with us and let us in on all his little secrets. We will never tell him. Promise :)

Jenno said...

Pleased to meet you, Bess! I hope you think it's as funny as I do that all the cars in my family have always been named "Bessie" -- don't know why. That's the first thing that comes to mind when I hear your name. If it makes you feel any better, they've all been good cars. The ones that weren't we called "Earl" because like in the song... they had to die! Looking forward to your Mondays :)


plainolebob said...

Miss Rae, me bob speaks real highly of you, and I will give you all the low

Jenno, that is funny hun, and what ie even mre funny is that mr bobs middle name is earl, now ain't thet a hoot.

Sarah said...

hi bess, nice to meet you. what do you do when mr. bob gets drunk and makes havoc around the house? i imagine you must be a very patient woman. :)

plainolebob said...

Sarah, lol, well now mr bob hardly ever gets drunk, but when hr does he passes out right away. Patience ain't the half of it. lol

JW said...

Nice to see you finally talked him into letting you speak your mind. Can't wait to read some good stories an such from you.

Miss M. said...

Sooner or later women take over ! lol

Hello, nice to meet you, Mr Bob's Bess ! :)

M. x

Jenno said...

lol! Too funny!!

Innocent Owner of Told You So said...

Mrs Bob, Great to meet you and look forward to reading what you have to write.

Mr Bob....hahahahahahaROFLMAhahaha
Three words to ya Mr Bob, Told you so. LOL

Farila said...

Hi Bess. Nice meeting you.. Waiting to see you again on Monday. I am glad the comment option is visible here, the last blog I read about the hot dog the comment option was not visible...

plainolebob said...

JW, yes and he is gonna let me have this week, to meet ya'll, and he said if ya'll love me and all he will let me have my own site. Isn't that sweet.
So please love me. I really want my own girly site.

Jenno, Bob told me about how you helped design his award thingy, you are so sweet and talented, I know we will become fast friends.

Farila, Bob tells your stories over and over, he loves thos stories you know, please tell me some too.

Betty said...

Nice to meet you Bess!!!
Gladly I follow Bob
You are both lovely

Iellalouisa said...

Well now I can't wait for Mondays!! I got confused, so
just so I don't miss it, I think I am now following you twice!!

style bug said...

Hey Bob! Yes, i've seen your backyard photo's of your swimming pool.. Say hi to Bess and tell her i'll be reading her blog as well. *Hugs*

JW said...

Oh my. A Mrs. Bob blog! I sure hope you get to have your own page. You already have a ton of love from all of us here.

plainolebob said...

Betty, nice to meet you sweetie.

Style, ain't you sweet, honey the pool looks a little different now, what with the stone paths and all.

Lellalouisia yes I can't wait, and I hope you enjoy me.

Midnight Whisperer said...

Bess, looking forward to reading insights from "the other half". Good luck!

Dayne Gingrich said...

Awww... so great to hear the genius behind the genius! ;-)

Looking forward to reading more. Question: Is he REALLY this nice?

Bob... I think you bestowed me w/ my 1st award a couple of wks. ago, but I lost it somehow. I know... how is that possible? YOU DON'T KNOW ME VERY WELL... ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE FOR ME!

Can you help? I'd love to put that on my sidebar and brag about you!!!


Chester said...

Well I've just caught up with reading some blogs, and delighted to see this, hello from the UK Bess!!!

Hope to see a few more of your Blogs, and as for the football, well for me it's soccer, and I'm exactly the same when my team loses, I become a little boy too!!

Great to hear from you!!

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Always a pleasure! ! !

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