Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bess Wonders About Bob Sometimes

Just wondering, from Bess.

Some times I just wonder about things in general. Have you ever said a word a word aloud or kept it in your mind, then thought, what a funny word that is? Have you ever wondered who thought of buliding multi-story buildings and why?

As I have traveled through the blogosphere, I am always amazed at all the things that people write about.
Some blogs are simple diaries, some are so politically slanted, one way or the other. Some have very funny stories, and yet others give information on how to do different projects. Lately many are in the theme of Halloween, but there was one that I ran across, that simply asked questions, or let you the reader ask the question.

Bob is always asking me stupid questions, like why is it called all-pupose flour, when you only use it for cooking.
Why is it called a dish washer when he has to wash e dish before putting it in the machine, he said, it should be called, a clean dish rinser-drying machine. Why do they call it Endust, when right after you use it, the furniture is full of dust.

Am I the only one that gets these type of questions from their "Ole Man", or is it just Bob, that asks these crazy type of questions?

Just wondering, from Bess.


Hunter said...

I'm definitely always wondering about such things. Like why aren't pants called longs if we call shorts, shorts?

And here I thought I was strange. ;)

Lisa said...

I'm that way with words. Sometimes I will listen to them as I say it and wonder how people came up with that combination of letters to mean what it does.

Thanks for the hug on my website, I needed it.

plainolebob said...

Hunter you are so precious,no wonder bob speaks so highly of you.
You are right abouth longs as well, lol.

plainolebob said...

Lisa, so nice to hear from you, I loved the drawing.

Farila said...

I have been bombarded with all kinds of questions from my son since he has been 3 ... I can almost write three big books of silly (or not so silly) questions LOL. Does that comfort you Bess?

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

Come to think of it, Sandwich has always gotten me. Who came up with that? I'm not eating sand...not on purpose anyway.

plainolebob said...

Farila, lol, yes the grand kids questions are funny and amusing.

Mike, you are TOO much like bob, lol.

Sarah said...

i always wonder whose body they are selling in all those bodyshops. but mike - sandwich was named after a guy who loved to gamble. it is a funny name for food though. :)

Millie River said...

Funny! I'm sure that's why you love him! =)

JW said...

Great post. I'm not sure about the others but the sandwich thing is easily explained. It was named for John Mantagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, some feller in England. He is rumored to have created the first one.

Another little known fact: Capt. James Cook, upon "discovering" Hawaii named it the Sandwich Isles, because he financed a good portion of Cook's travels. Montagu Island in Alaska was also named for him by Cook.

One mystery solved.

Rae said...

Hmmm. Makes me wonder. Why do men wonder so much?

plainolebob said...

Sarah,you never know about those body shopa, could be just another cover up.

Millie, nice for you to be here.

JW, bob has never wondered about the sandwich, i believe he just inhales them.

Miss Rae, you have nailed it.

Charlene said...

What I know is... if peanut oil comes from peanuts, and olive oil comes from olives... where does baby oil come from???

plainolebob said...

Charlene, not you too!! lol

Midnight Whisperer said...

I think the one who thought of building multi-story buildings wanted to be closer to the sky...

Flour can be used for all sorts of things besides cooking... Paper Mache Hats Anyone?

I think they call it a "dishwasher" because "Clean dish rinser-dryer machine" would not fit on the label ; )
And I'm with Bob on Endust, so I use Pledge... LOL
Great Blog Bess!!

Pollyanna said...

My husband makes up crazy stuff all the time. I've learned to laugh and/or ignore.

BTW - it love saying the word "Fantastic". It's so crisp!

Cheri Pryor said...

My husband asks me stupid questions like "when's dinner?" Rae Sandra

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