Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Awards-Trophies For Blogging

Aren't trophys' and awards just wonderful
Whether you are receiving one or know some one that did.
They are a show  for an achievement for a job well done
and recognized normally by your peers.
Today I thought I would touch on them for a very special reason.
Friday I am going to unveil
The Mr.Bob
"Hot Dawg"
Blogging award.
The blog will be all about the designer,
who receives the first one,
and why I decided to have an award that would come from


JW said...

Ooh! I can't wait to see who wins one of these prestigious awards. Those trophies look oh so pretty. I can think of more than one person who would get one from me but I would rather not say to keep from swaying your vote.

Sarah said...

i thought for sure it was going to be a beerbottle award!

style bug said...

Lol, a virtual cup! I luv the silver one. Congratulation on the invisable nomanies

plainolebob said...

lmao,keep guessin, hope you like it when you see it

Alice in Wonderland said...

Hey there Bob! How are you doing?
I know you read my posts everyday, so you'll know that I live in this old Castle, along with my own ghost.
Now, I reckon that she has been tinkering around with my old computer, so she had better leave this brand new, bells and whistles, all singing, all dancing affair well alone! And I wasn't kidding about that! I've more stories to tell about this old place, so I hope that you like them. They are some fancy awards that you have there. Did you win them?
Now you know I don't have that sort of spirit in my home, just the plain old weeping one, but I'm at a loss how to find that old hidden treasure. My brother and me looked high and low for it one day, but we never found anything, but after seeing all those trophies and stuff that you've got, I reckon that you got there first!
Hope you have a good day! I love you so much, just 'cos you make me laugh so much, that I might just have something for you a bit later!
But, as it is 5:00 a.m. here in England, you're just going to have to hang on for a few hours yet!
Just now, I'm off to my bed!

plainolebob said...

Alice ,,,lol, no my award ain't gonna be this fancy, but it will be one that stands alone for my blog site, it was designed by another blogger.
iffen I foun thet treasure I woudda got sumthin a little better,lol

Kate said...

Look forward to seeing more!

Kate xx

Rae said...

Now this is going to be interesting! I am anxious to see what you are having designed. This will be an award to be cherished by the lucky recipients. It will be coming from a special guy.

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

HotDawg ey?! That sounds interesting:) lol

Charlene said...

Ah ha! Now I don't have to die in suspense! Well, I DO but for a different reason! Nice going Bob!

plainolebob said...

You will love it PROMISE & HUGS
Kate,AlpHa, Charlene, Miss Rae,
Thanks will have a little peek today as well.

david said...

I am sending my dinner suit to the cleaners so it will be ready in time for the award ceremony.

style bug said...

He, he! I meant congrats to all the nomanies!

plainolebob said...

welcome David, blue jeans and tee's are fine, lol

Julie...glad you clered thet

Jenno said...

I'm so excited! :D

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

OH cool! A Hot Dawg!. I'm hungry. :)

Charlene, I got the elcetrodes ready just in case. CLEAR! Rae Sandra

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