Monday, September 14, 2009

High Tech

Mr.Bob , is just now learning how to work this computer. I just fond out I can make the screen big enuff to read. I know some of you are laffin, but i promise I'm not a high tech kinda guy.
Got oneah them new t.v.s, that hang on the wall, now, if I can just get it off, that thing where they write out the words,  man that's agravatin. It is nice to see all them channels though, all four of em.
The thing even has a clock on it, cept, it's on New York time, and I live in central time, always gettin up an hour earlier to watch the mornin news.
Hell, it ain't even got no knobs, took me two days to figger out how to change the station, and pbs is ok, but man I had to listen to ball game on the radio in my truck.
My kids got me this walk around phone thingy, it just kept ringing, I couldn't even answer the thing. then the damn thing started talkin to me, sayin so and so is callin, hell, the phone is smarter then me, or it's an esp phone or sumthin.
But this computer, man it really amazes me, talk to prople ever where and such. I pushed the wrong keys a couple times, and wow the stuff what popped up on this screen.
These real nice folks asked me bout my opinion on some stuff, said I would get some kinda gift and all, just or takin this survey. That thing had bout a million questions, don't think I ever finished it.
These things poppin up all the time tellin me I won sumthin an other, I mean the lights flash and all, I musta been the milionth viewer on about 8  things by now, guess I'm just lucky thet a way.
I'll let you know whut all I win, soons I finish this survey, hell I been workin on it  bout 6 hours now, ain't gonna quit till I git it done neither.
Check back in. I'll let you know.


Charlene said...

And remember what I told you in the coffee shop... that little tray with the round space that pops out of your computer is NOT a cup holder. :-)

plainolebob said...

lol glad you reminded me was just about ready to do that.

Dayne Gingrich said...

Damn... it's NOT cup holder????

Bob, let us know when you begin texting... should be a hilarious story!

plainolebob said...

coach dayne,
will do, lol, i guess.
what's texting?

Chester said...

Another top blog Bob, how lucky are you having four channels on your tv, I have to make do with a black and white tv with just a load of snow on the screen along with a couple of channels!

Plus it features a new concept in remote controls - it doesn't have one, instead it's called the "get up off your arse and change the channel over yourself lazy boy" control!

They think of everything these days don't they? =)

plainolebob said...

that is what i miss, jeff
that was my old set, hope you enjoy it. lol

style bug said...

Hi, Bob! You should take a computer crash course. Your local access center may have one for a good price. My dad took one and he's much older than you.

Alice in Wonderland said...

Bob, just got a few words to say... I love you, I love you, I love you!!!
Looking forward to hearing about how you get on with your computer! LOL!!!
Big Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Bob, I thought I had been here before, but I missed it somehow. I was rockin' in my plastic chair with laughter. You remind me so much of my late father when we added a Sky control to the TV and the Video ones... he just couldn't handle it. If it wasn't a car or it didn't grow in the garden, he didn't know anything about it.

I followed... sorry can't help pushin' buttons. Maybe there's something of my father in me afterall?


plainolebob said...

Julie... thanks for all the advice

Alice.... I love you too, hugs

A/V...... so glad you found me, not too high tech here huh? Rae Sandra

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Always a pleasure! ! !

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