Friday, September 4, 2009

Stuff for sale!! !!

For sale:
2 tires barely used, still hold air, made of real rubber, great for old tree swings and such

Plants--all kinds, green ones, brown ones, some multicolored ones, don't even have to water em no more

Horse..cheeep, can't see too good, likes kids and oats, pretty hair, and he's house broke

Burial plot-- already has a marker, nice view, low utility bills, available now, 1st and last mos. payment, no lease

Truck--very nice still runs, has wheels, only wrecked twice, never been hit by no train either.

Quick sale---all prices negotiable---cash only


Anonymous said...

tire swings, a pony, plants a truck and a burial plot? MyBob!! are you starting a a yardsale ora michel jackson funhouse?

Sarah said...

lol john. bob - try it's free.

Innocent Owner of Mad Cats said...

I want one of them brown plants.

Looking For Normal said...

I need a green and multi-colored plant. If you still have any available.

Farila said...

Very funny..

Ian said...

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