Friday, September 25, 2009

A Blogger? A Spy? Got em Guessin

You know you have become a blogger when:
You become an oustsider in your own lil  comunity.
These peeple in these parts don't have no clue.
Any time you start sumthin new, different, an all that, all of a sudden the rumer mills start werkin over time.

Cora Lee's, callin Jimmy's wife, who calls the preacher, who's sure you done gone an joined a cult.
Why even, ole Clem's worryin a little.
Everbodys, gonna band together, and try to save you from this evil habit.

You get a little critical cause, sum one is talkin round in circles, an you say hey wake up here, where's the content.

You ran into an old fren, an he says how ya doin Mr.Bob, an you answer, just fine got me forty them there followers now. Then you spend the next twenty minits splainin, no they ain't stalkers.

You git talkin to a neighbor, and discussin stuff whut needs to git done, an say, yeah lets start a thread, an then next thing you know, ever one thinks I've joined a quiltin bee.

You are talkin to peeple that you known fer years, an fer sum reason they can't git a handle,  on whut it is your a talkin bout, an you say, sorry let me edit this here text. Next thing you know you've terned into some kinda legal muckedy muck.

You go to the doctors office, think of sumthin funny, an say, got a pen and paper, I can borowey. They see you writen stuff down whut have nuthin to do with, symptems, or doctors advice, just sumthin funny bout fishin, and such. Next thing I know, is I'm werkin for the C.I.A.

You git asked for your  number and address, an you give em, your url, and e-mail address. Now ever one starts commin over askin if you can repair their computer.

Man, this bloggin stuff, tellin you folks, all these stories, and such, has really touched a nerve, with these folks here.

Mr. Bob, is now known as the, C.I.A. agent, whut doin the quiltin bee circut. Watch out he has stalkers werkin fer him, an they use their computers to sneak inside your house.

 Don't let him have no pen an paper, lessen you want em, grab you up and put you in his crazy cult. Put you on his bloggin farm and brain washin you an all.

Yep, gues I'm a right fine blogger now, just sos you know, hell I ain't nothin but a  story teller.
Hugs, to all, headed to the coffee shop. To meet with all my legal, muckedy muck, frens, Who knows may be, your there right now.


Innocent Owner of Mad Bob Stalkers said...

psst. Don't look. I think your neighbors are peekin in the window right now. :) Whats really funny is I lived in a town of 742 people in MN once. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about.

Sarah said...

now get a trench coat and dark sun glasses to complete the look - or is that for a flasher? i need to do some research...

Charlene said...

Guilty as charged! I totally just did the Dr's office thing. And have responded to "How are you?" with an update on # of followers. Too funny...

Alice in Wonderland said...

I've really missed you Bob! You'll have everybody talking about you now!
Hope everything is O.K. with the old ticker. Love to Bess.
Take care. Lots Of love and BIG HUGS!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, that is "hill r e us" reminds me years ago of an old single The Story of Cinderella, the Flip side was even better, Hockey Here Tonight... A Hillbilly's first visit to an ice hockey game.
"We wuz lookin' down at a little bitty pond, it wuz all froze over and the players all had these runners on their shoes..."
I must do a search for that on the mule.


Rae said...

Very funny and oh so true. Once we move into Blogville we develop another outlook on life. Everything starts to revolve around posting, commenting, and following.

plainolebob said...

lol. mike,
ain't that the truth, little bigger town here but a small community., a flasher, ain't gonna happen, streaker, maybe, lol

Charlene...glad I'm not the only one, but for real the, hi how are

Alice...they is always talkin, just hope they never stop talkin, I give em plenty of ammo,lol.

A/V.. I'm a big fan of yours, but I was never that good at hockey, now I know why, lol

Miss Rae, I just Plainole love you, lol, no for real.

John Silveira said...

This is classic !!!!! Thanks for the laugh... It's so true though.. I go through my days "looking" for things to blog about... you've captured our mentality VERY well...Nuf Ced

Midnight Whisperer said...

As Always, Very Funny! You have a way with words ; )

plainolebob said...

Yep we is bloggers. "nuff ced"

M.W., thanks I try not to be too wordy, in a hurry to nurse a beer, lol

Farila said...

May be I am bot a blogger yet by your standards.. ;)

plainolebob said...

Farila, believe me you are, and you will find it too, lol

LookingForNormal said...

bob, still laughing. I was just doing this yesterday when I was talking to my neighbor. I couldn't wait to get to the computer. lol. Then I came in my house and I was watching my nephew he walked up to my son and hit him, my nephew is two, anyway when he hit my 21 year old he said "Pee pee whack" What the hell? Hes been around too many guys. I'm going to kill his father and thank God he waited until we had left my neighbors to tell me his new saying. My jaw dropped but I didn't want to ask him what he just said. Everyone was laughing so I used the old saying "Just wait till you have kids, I'm going to teach them all of this shit" was just trying to scare them. I'm going to have to be careful as to where I take my nephew for a while. No churches etc.
You brighten my day! Have a great one.

plainolebob said...

Lookin For Normal,
you gotta admit the pee pee whack was funny, lol Rae Sandra

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