Monday, September 28, 2009

Circle of Friends/ The Inspiration From You All

I have received another blog award, this one is the  "Circle of Friends" award
This award came to me via Pollyanna from She told me to pass it on to my circle of friends so here goes.Polly, already has a spot on my blog as well, little heart stealin thing.

Mike.. my crazy cat owning have renewed many interests  and introduced me to the amazing wonder of crazy cats.

Chris..his blog is really out spoken, he tells it like he sees it, sometimes, most times, with graphic, man talk. You gotta love it though he very seldom if ever, misses the mark. He has been called on the carpet, for expressing his views, but we need Chris to keep things straight. I am proud to call him my friend.
His log spot is            "Style Bug", Julie has some post that are very well put together, she has post about fashion, health, and sometime just how she feels. Julie, does not have a lot of followers yet,  go by and check her out, dig through her archives.

Sandi k....What can I say, she such a sweet heart, and always shows something off. She has a recipe site too.
She has been such a good friend.

Jenny...she has been a really good friend of late, full of advice and help, always leaves a nice comment too. Pleas check her

It's not that I am being lazy, I just have found it a little easier to put all my choices on one post, since I still haven't figgered out this link thng.

Miss Rae, Now before you say anything, I know you no longer accept awards, but if you did you would receive  the ones here today and all the ones that I have ever been blessed with. You see the biggest inspiration, comes from realizing all the effort that it takes to just type these blogs out, even with love and passion.You are so relentless, so funny, and so loveable. Your blog brightens my day, it lights that little fire in me to write. I enjoy you site so very very much. So whether you accept, these awards or not, you deserve them all, but most of all you deserve to be read.

This next award was received from Jackie at the "Painted Veil"
Jackie has several blogs, and like Miss Rae stays very busy, her blog is not only beautiful, but filled with surprises, and a different theme for different days. Go and visit her, you will not regret it.
This award was a little surprising for me to receive, but will be a pleasure to pass on as you will see. I get inspired for many reasons, and in many ways. Some times a story can be inspiring, some times a happening, still others just stand on their own and stand alone. YOU have all inspired me, by your kind words, by just reading and putting up with my mistakes. HUGS to you all that are reading this right now.

He inspired me by writing about things that most others will not take the time to write about, by saying all that needs to be said in a concise and eloquent manner . You may or may not like him, you may or may not follow him, you may or may not read him. This man is a Writer, his name is Bruce Cotlin, and I can not say enuff good things about him. Just read him for your self, that is the proof.

When did I really lose touch with baseball, I can't really remember. Do I love sports? Oh YES, and was an avid baseball player. What brought me back to the sport, who was the inspiration? John S., from the first time I  saw his blog on the Boston Red Sox, at "Pahdon My Opinion

Farida Rizwan, has a blog site called, "Chapters From My Life" . This little blog site has some funny, but mostly inspiring blogs, like "hidden faces", and other hidden tid-bits. She lives in India, has two children and a lot to take care of, she is truly inspiring.

Alice In Wonderland, just another blog? Nope a fun an interesting site that has inspiring happenings, and heart warming banter, and she always leaves one of Those, comments that make you feel likee you are being read.

Charlene, Man what haven't I already said about you, yet you still keep it all going and never seem to time, the energiser bunny is a whimp next to you. I wouldn't even venture a guess at the number of people that you have inspired at "The Balance Beam", please just keep it going.

Many of you may not know this guy, but if you go to his blog site you will see how important he can be t us all. The legal system breeds what we have all become to know as "legalese", wouldn't it be great to have a voice that explains things in such a way that it makes since? Meet, Richard Roolsby, he does just that on a daily basis, an inspiration that there is hope for finding some one in the legal field, that gives an easy to understand answer. You might also want to check out his other sites.

Congratulations to you all, oh and by the way, Mike, please pick up both awards, your cats inspire me as well.


style bug said...

Oh thanks, Bob for your kind thoughts! This award means very much to me because it's from a regular reader. What a lovely gift and surprize! xx

style bug said...

Here are some blogs you'd love bob~


Charlene said...

It's funny - I started to read this post earlier but got distracted at work and never finished until now. THANKS!!!

Rae said...

Thanks you so much. I am not fussing about receiving it at all. Coming from you it means the world to me. You light up my life and I really mean that. I will gladly post it on my blog.

Jenno said...

Thanks for the award and kind words, Bob! I try my bestest to be a good friend and general nice person -- thank you so much for making me feel appreciated for the second time today! <3

Alice in Wonderland said...

Aw, shucks, now you have me blushing! Thank you so much for awarding me this! Now I have to go around and thank all these lovely people, and I have to thank (sniff) all my blogger friends, (sniff) my hairdresser, (sniff) my Avon lady, (sniff) my wardrobe people, (sniff) my taxi driver, (sniff) the man who helped me with my suitcases once, (sniff) the man who invented hair-straighteners, (sniff)...I'm trying to sound like Hallie Berry here, by the way!
I just love you Bob, and I have Bess to thank too, just for putting you here!

plainolebob said... really deserve a reader ship and the 2 recommendations were a nice bonus are really an inspiration

Miss just made my day

Jenno...thanks so much for being ever so friendly

plainolebob said...

Alice.. you are a true gem, so glad you found your way here

richard said...

Thank you for the award and mentioning my blogs, Bob! You are a true blog legend and a fine American!

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

Love is in the air:)
Congrats on all your awards and recognitions tey are very well deserved.

plainolebob said...

Richard, you deserve it, thanks for the wealth of info.

AlpHa, Lisa see what you started, thank you so much.

Farila said...

Wow! I feel so honored being on that list.
And thanks for introducing Alice. Her blogs are good

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

Wow, thanks Mr. Bob. It an honor and a pleasure to recieve this from you especially looking at those other great blogs. PS. Happy 2 months blogging B-Day!

plainolebob said...

Mike, so cool to be able to pass these awards on, i really love it.
yeah 2 months now, who wuda thunk it?

Farila, you are more than welcome



John Silveira said...

Ah, MR Bob.... more than words can say. Once again you have outdone yourself with your kind words and generosity... Thank you so much.. and don't worry Buchhy will clinch the wild card tonight - Nuf Ced

plainolebob said...

I hope so, you have turned me into a red sox fan, lol

JW said...

Alas, I was surprised to find myself absent from your followers list. I read every post anyway, might as well make it a single click away. Keep me laughing.


plainolebob said...

A reader and laffer, you betcha , you are always welcome here. happy that you laff.

plainolebob said...

ok comment board are you messin with folks

Sandi K said...

It's so good to have you back, Mr. Bob! I love your stories, I always catch myself wondering if they are true or not - and they always make me laugh. Thanks a ton for the award, I will display it proudly! Rae Sandra

PICKS betty chris pick mike sarah patty bess sandee, by me polly miss rae jenno miss sandra hunter

smellthecoffeelisa crib lad susan from roni

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Always a pleasure! ! !

You can never have too many friends! ! !