Friday, September 11, 2009

Team Work

The Indian chief had 10 sons.
The old chief was trying to decide which son should lead the tribe after he passes.
They all had their own ideas of how things should be done.
Some were for warring, some for peace, a few wanted to move the tribe north, and a few wanted to move the tribe south.
All were creating dissension within the tribe, it looked to him like the tribe would split up and die out.
So he gathered his sons together and asked them all to try and come up with a solution to keep the tribe intact.
When they were all together, he asked them to step forward one by one to present their solutions and ideas.
One by one the came forward, one by one they would argue their point.
Peace, war, move north, move south, then the youngest son stepped forth to present his solution.
He handed his 9 brothers each a twig.
Now he asked each to break the twig. They each snapped the twig into small pieces.
He then handed each brother 10 twigs, asked them to tie them together, and to break them.
Not one brother was able, to break the bound twigs.
The youngest son, then explained like the lone twig, if the the tribe stands alone, it breaks easily, but when united, they are strong and can not be divided. We must be as the bound twigs, to survive.
A hush fell among the brothers.
The chief had found the answer he had been seeking in the youngest son.
The tribe will succeed and live on.


Charlene said...

Did you make that up or is it a real ol' Indian tale? Thanks for sharing Bob!

Rae said...

Excellent post and very insightful. You always have great stories.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.
I wanted to stop and tell you Happy Birthday!! I never ever thought about anyone having a birthday or celebration on 9/11 before. I imagine the memory of other events sort of clouds the picture.

I hope you have an excellent day despite everything. You deserve the best.

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Wonderful post Bob and you did just perfect with the link!

I am 1/4 Cherokee so I truly appreciate the wisdom of this tale.

Walter and I both are currently preparing to head out to be with family.

So I will be away from my blog until Sunday!

Happy Birthday and God bless to you and yours!

Millie River said...

I like it! Thanks for sharing Bob!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice one. It's obvious that the bad guys have read this. Now it's time for our side to learn the lesson.

plainolebob said...

Jackie, indeed this does come from the Cherokee Nation.

Charlene, no I did not make it up, having lived in Oklahoma I geard many Indian stories.

Miss Rae, thank you so much.

Millie, glad you liked it.

Nockie Goomba that is so true.

Dayne Gingrich said...

I found it! I was looking for the "teamwork" post for couple days (I'm such a dork sometimes).

I love that story ~ it sure relates to our lives on an everyday basis, doesn't it?

BTW: I'm going to steal this from you, pretend I made it up on my own, and give a genius lesson to my kids, ok? JUST KIDDING, OF COURSE! Rae Sandra

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