Thursday, September 10, 2009

A little something different from ole Bob, or Mr. Bob, as most of you thet follow know.
In the morning I usually go and read all the new post from the bloggers that follow me, leave my comment, and search for others to read.
Today i ran across two back to back , that touched me and hit a chord.
The first by Millie River at "my random acts of kindness". She touched on how the blogging changed her life, and gave her a purpose, and direction.
The  other is a post by Hunter at "Time Crook", I always read his new posts even though he doesn't follow me. His post today  "the strength of ten men", really hit home for several personal reasons that I don't fell like sharing yet. This post is one that some will miss the message, god I hope not, but one that is worthy.
Some times I just feel like sharing things that I have read that I feel may be over looked but these strike a chord with me.
So you see i read a lot of blogs, i have probably already read yours too, I just can't mention them all, as i really do struggle just to type all this out.
Thanks for stoppin in, laff anyways.


Rae said...

I would love to offer a comment on your post, but for some reason I can not view the post. All I get is the comment box. I have tried to load it about 6 times. So I will just stop by and say hello. Hope you have a nice day.

style bug said...

Hi, bob. I've been reading your latests blogs. You seem like a friendly guy. Did you get my advice by email? My email is oscars@sympatico

Hunter said...

Hi, Bob. I'm glad that you enjoyed the post. Thanks for the mention.

myra said...

Hi Mr.Bob here is that web site i was talking about

Millie River said...

Hi Bob! It is huge compliment to be mentioned in your blog...Thank you! It's awesome how this can really bring people together. =) I went back and found your blog on "the accident that changed it all". I commented there so make sure you check it. Rae Sandra

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Always a pleasure! ! !

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