Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How Do You Humble Mr. Bob? Try This

 Wow huh. I read a comment around the fifth of september, that said     Awww that's a good one.

P.S. I have an award for you on my blog:) Posted it a few days ago,  so scroll down to find it.
September 5, 2009 8:54 AM
Well you all know me, hell, my curiosity didn't kill the cat, it gobbled the whole damn thing up. Sos, I, headed off for this here little ladys' blog site. Miss AlpHa Buttonpusher
It's called, "simplify",   alrighty then, I knew by a name like that, hey, won't have eny problem here. Git to this here blog site, an it is purtier than a blue toad. I am all excited now, sos, I srcoll down and find this here post, called, "Sharing  Some Love". I spot this here post, what has my name on it, now ever one here knows, specially Bess, I ain't the best shovel to dig with. This blog was posted there on September 3, 2009. Well aroun this time, was when the cable company here, was puttin in that fiber optic stuff, my computer was down for a day or two while they was stuffin all that fiber in them little ole lines.
Any way, I totally screwed up, hell, I ain't never won nuthin more that $2 on a lotto scratch off before, much less some one trying to give me a beeautiful award.
So, I'll give you my  best ole THANK-YOU that I can muster,  now ya'll go over there and read this  beeautiful bolg site.
You will be happy you did.      http://pushbuttonalpha.blogspot.com/

After I figgered all that there out,   I git a comment from Miss Sandra thet said,

WAy to go. Now....drumroll....
You just have to go to my blog right now because there is a surprise there for you. Read Passing The Torch and enjoy!


Mathy,Techy, Artsy Fartsy
September 14, 2009 5:10 PM
Now ain't this sumthin, sos, I head off to miss sandras' blog site, figgeren she's got me a coupond for ten dollars off on beer, Miss Sandra knows I love beer, But love them off couponds more.
I git to this "Passing The Torch" blog, and thinks to my self, hell, I don't see no couponds, must be sumthin else.
I git to lookin, an spot my name, there, right in her blog, now can you imagine such. I'll be danged, for you yankees, that's kinda like sayin , I'll be hanged.  Says she's givin me an award. Sumthin bout "I Picked These Folks Go And Visit Them". Now ain't that sumthin. Yep, not kiddin, another award, hell, gonna have to remodel this here blog, cept don't tell Bess.
Miss Sandra, some of you might remember, was a "posse" member. She is a school teacher, math at thet, I lernt all my gizzentas from her, just kidden, never did lern them. I'm a gonna display thet award proudly too, and hers on big THANk- YOU from the bottom of my heart. you can find Miss Sandra at,http://www.realmathinaminute.blogspot.com/
How I ever got an award from these two beeeeutiful women I"ll never know, hell, I didn't even git em drunk or nuthin, guess they felt sorry for me or sumthin.
Thank- you all for ever thin, hell, I even polished my boots for this, sos you know how I feel right now.

"Simplify".... a blog site with every thing. Classy, well written, easy reader friendly site. Has a diversification of items, ranging from Poetry to Jokes....Fantastic Art work...... and every thing is beautifully laid out. A blog site that would be foolish to pass up. Thank-you AlpHa Buttonpusher

"Mathy, Techy, Artsy Fartsy"......a blog site that was designed for teachers, by a teacher, but do not be fooled. This site combine the wit of Miss Sandra and her love for teaching in a fashion that truly pulls you in, and you may even learn something. Thank-you Miss Sandra

Ole Bob here agin, onlyest thing I know is I gotta pass these awards on to you beautiful bloggers, read some blogs and figger out who deserves it next. Now I didn't see no long list of rules or nuthim, sos I'm gonna visit  and Miss AlpHas'and Miss Sandras' blog sites, and mine.I'm gonna read for comments, look at the followers, read a buncha blogs, and make a decision, hell, I already had one too long with out knowin, so I got some readin to do now.
One more time Here are the  links.
       http://pushbuttonalpha.blogspot.com                                 http://realmathinaminute.blogspot.com/


AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

You are too sweet. Thank yo so much :D

plainolebob said...

you are more than welcome, thank-you

Mathy,Techy,Artsy Fartsy said...

You have fun now picking your faves! Isn't this fun!!!


plainolebob said...

Thank-you miss Sandra

Anonymous said...

BBOb (the manly one) I have slipped you into Blogger's Cafe, I thought I had already done all this. Gettin' older, gettin' forgetful.


Charlene said...

Congrats - well deserved!!

Sandra said...

Well thank you, Bob, for such a nice feature on my blog!!! You really outdid yo self! You didn't have to but boy I'm glad you did...hahaha. My blog has "evolved" (which is another way to say I don't know "what the hale" I'm doing) from all math in the beginning to art and math, and now to just plain learning. It's getting ready to morph a little again. Hey, I can do anything I want to, right???...now that I am retired! Thanks again...open to suggestions.


plainolebob said...

A/V...thank you, and as you can see I am following your lead.

Charlene thank-you, and stay heads up,be ready

Miss Sandra... wow from the posse, thank-you

Dayne Gingrich said...

Wow Bob... you sure popular.

Congrats on the awards ~ you definitely deserve them. You're one of a kind, that keeps us all moving and reading.

I feel like you're the team captain or something.

Thanks for your comment on Daddy's Little Girl. You have two in their early 20's? I have a tough time imagining Logan that old.

Mahmood said...

Hi friend I visited both of your blogs today. I will visit them once in week for updates. Please visit my other blogs also. You can click 'quick look of all posts' link on the top and read the posts. You too can have feedburner feed link.

Rae said...

Congratulations on the awards. You are very deserving.

plainolebob said...

coach dayne.....yeah, and they grow up quick it seems, sure do miss em too.

Mamood...thanks for taking time, I know you are busy

Miss Rae....cool huh, thank you so much, missed you the last couple of days. hugs

Alice in Wonderland said...

Congratulations, Bob! You really deserve all this attention!
Hope that you are doing well, and that your beer is safe!
Hope Bess is doing fine too!
Keep up the good work!
Lots of love. XX

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