Sunday, November 29, 2009


Ok so I went to diner with Clem not long ago.
He likes steak, so I told him to meet me for lunch at one of those local steak houses.

When I got there, Clem had not yet arrived. So I found a good table by the window, ordered a coffee and waited. About ten minutes later he showed up.

He was full of news about what was going on in the neighborhood, he always has the best gossip, funny how them mailmen never miss nothin.
I realized as we were talkin that I hadn't pulled a prank on Clem for a long time, now would be as good a time as any.
We usually pay for our own lunch, so I needed an idea on how to get Clem to pick up the tab, with out just asking. My prank mode is kickin in.

I noticed that Clem knew a ton of people, as they would all stop by the table and say hi, my idea is born.
We order our food, and I order much more than usual, Clem, noticed, as he remarked, man you must really be hungry today Mr.Bob.
Yep, worked real hard today on that back yard, moved some dirt, and burned some brush, I must have really built up an appetite.

We finished our meal and Clem ordered another coffee, I told him that I really need to get back to that yard and make sure that the fire completely burned out.
Clem, always waves at anyone that waves at him.

So when I get to the cashier, I tell her that today is my birthday, and that fellow over at that table over ther is paying for my lunch.
She asks me which one, I smile at Clem, wave real big, yeah thats him, the guy thats wavin.
Thanks Clem I really enjoyed lunch, I chuckle on my way out.


Rae said...

Just wondering what kind of payback is coming your way. I bet Clem is working on something.

Betty said...

Bob, don't ever ask me to go out for dinner with you!!! haha!
Well, your story made my boring afternoon. That was funny!Soo discriptive narration!!
hugshugs to you and Bess.

Sarah said...

nice trick. i'll try it sometime on a friend. thanks! :)

Hunter said...

Somehow I think that the next time Clem waves at you, it's going to be with a certain finger. ;)

plainolebob said...

Miss Rae, Clem will never figure it out,lol, hmm....i hope

Betty, thanks, you could have tried it in Brussels

Sarah, you will not, hmmm..maybe you will

Hunter, a wave is a wave, but a WAVE can be a message,lol

Vodka Logic said...

Wonder if he goes out to lunch with you again.

Aion said...

LMBO Bob... live in a small town and can see that working! Hunter.. LOL have too agree..

thanks for the laugh!

plainolebob said...

VL, I hope so,lol free lunches are nice

Aion, yeah small town here too

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Clem's cookin' up his own retaliation for that. Bob, you're such a joker! Thanks for the laugh

Charlene said...

Good one... and I'm sure he'll have another one for you too (and then some!)

Marla said...

Bob ~ You are a stinker and I love a good stinker. Thanks for the laugh. I needed that!

Kate said...

Ha ha evil trick! Clem will get you

plainolebob said...

Charlene, he always tries

Marla, thanks, you must be a stinker too, i'm just an ornery okie

Kate, oh no, thats a mild one, the evil ones stopped long ago

Farila said...

:) Waving a big bye for you because it is safe now... Let us wait for the payback and payback of the payback and the payback of the payback's payback... LOL

plainolebob said...

Farila, I love you too much, you always make me smile, and i thank you for the award, i will do it proper soon.

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

LOL, i'm never eating lunch with you. If I do, you aint' leaving the table till AFTER me.

Farila said...

Thanks Bob. Thanks to you I have found very good bloggers and I am enjoying reading them.

Betty said...

Hi Bob,
I tried to mail you, your e-mail doesn't work.
Could you please ,send your e-mail if you get a chance? Just i wanted to send you something.
Love to you & Beth

flying eagle woman said...

I think I'm a little late on the read but that made my day!!!! Hope you have a good weekend!

I Wonder Wye said...

LOL, poor Clem....this isn't the end.....there's some bling for you over at my blog....

MsBurb said...

Cruel, Man...
Heartless, even...

Did I mention cruel?

(tee hee)

plainolebob said...

sorry for not getting back sooner has been crazy here Rae Sandra

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Always a pleasure! ! !

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