Sunday, November 1, 2009

An Early Note From Bess

I was so thrilled the way the awards thing came out, I just wanted to take this time to thank-you all.
If for any reason you wante to make a selection and simply missed it because I posted, please let me know, and I will rectify it. We love all of you and would not want you to be upset.
That said, I will now let you know a little more about Bob and I, we have had so many e-mails with questions, so , here goes.

Yes, Bob really did live at sea. In fact I wish he would write about it more. It was a tough, rough time in our lives, as he was gone on so many trips and gone for long periods of time.

No, Bob never ever, thought about becoming a minister, at any time, can you just imagine what the sermons would be about, or how they would be paraphrased, I just  can not.

Yes, Bob really does all of the remodeling himself, and yes it is very professional work, of course I may have a gun at my head while I am typing this, just kidding, no need to call 911, I truly enjoy the new up dated bathroom, kitchen, and dining room. Now praying for some mishap, I really would like a sewing room,lol.

No, Bob is not writing a book an the "adventures of Mr.Bob", I do not know where that rumor started, but ever since he read that one, he has tried to really take on the Mr. Bob . "persona", amusing, at times.

Yes, we are really simple people, in that we live with in our means and enjoy mostly normal simple things in life.

We are both fairly easy going, if there is a temper, it is mine. I must admit Bob, tolerates much more than I do.

No, Bob, is not a gun toting drunk, lol, can not find where that came from. He does hunt, and he does enjoy a beer, but he is not, nearly as bad about it as he writes.

Well, unless there are any more questions about us right now, I have to get ready to go to Coras' for her birthday, oh, yes and no, Bob and Cora get along, at times. Better to keep them separated from each other.

I am writing this a little early, because I need to get on the road. I will be back by Thursday.

Much love, many thanks, and as always, BIG BIG HUGS


Farila said...

It is so nice knowing our oleBob through your posts Bess. I still have to go back and catch up with older blogs because I am new to the group..
Thanks for the awards ... I love them and they make me feel special. Hope I deserved them...

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I am new here, but I love to learn all about you both!!

Sarah said...

have a good trip bess. you might get a new sewing room when you're back. you just never know.

plainolebob said...

Farils, of course you deserve them, never ever doubt that. We love you.
big hugs

Lee, we just love hearing from everyone, not that it is ever boring here, it is just a way that we love to make contact.

thank-you, the trip is more tiring than any thing else.
Yes, I would love, love, love a new sewing room. (HINT WINK WINK)

Alice in Wonderland said...

Have a good trip, Bess. I'm sure that Bob will hold the fort! Maybe get some extra time to get that sewing-room done for you!
Loads of love to you both! XXXX

plainolebob said...

Alice, you are a doll, that last story was scary too.

Rae said...

I just love learning more about the two of you. The only thing better than meeting you here would be knowing you in person. And please tell ole Bob I am pulling for his team to beat Atlanta in tonight's game. Go Saints!!

plainolebob said...

Miss Rae, Bess done left for Cora Lees', but I am gonna watch them Saints, you can bet on it.

Betty said...

It's great getting know you. Both of you.
You are just what everyone need for a close friend!
Bess take care,
and much love to you both.
hugs hugs

plainolebob said...

Betty, thanks so much

Just Playin' said...

Can't believe someone is pulling against Atlanta! Oh no! Love learning more about you guys. Thanks for sharing....such a lovely couple.

Tough Cookie Mommy said...

I think you are both wonderful. You must be a very strong lady to have withstood being apart from your husband while he was at sea. I have always seen you guys as two nice and easy going people who have a lot to share with the rest of us. I'm just glad that you take the time out to share your wisdom and experiences with us daily.

plainolebob said...

Miss Sandra,
I like The falcons, but not against the Saints,lol

TCM,Bess has the smarts, she stayed home, while I was away, right now I am home an she is away, the sea is much kinder than Cora Lee, lol

Just Playin' said...

What goes around comes around. Come by my place.

Anonymous said...

howdeee ms bess')

Id have been here sooner, but there were kegs o beer, babes, bloodhounds and well i wasnt there either.
tell ol bob i said something about 3 columes on a blogs is bad, and 2 babes and a bottle sprite is all he needs for me to join the party:)

Charlene said...

Oh I have a feeling you won't have to wait TOO long for that sewing room. Bob's sure to blow something else up before too long.

plainolebob said...

man you guys are really poliytkin for this sewin room.

Charlene, I can't do the sewing room right now,Bess, is just gonna have to wait.

john, why no 3 coloum?

Kate said...

Ah love you too! Rae Sandra

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Always a pleasure! ! !

You can never have too many friends! ! !