Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Traveling Brothers Of Bess Ain't Too Brite Neither

Man, Bess is gonna be so mad at me when she gits back,tellin all these stories on her family.

She has two of the dumbest brothers I have ever met in my life.

We were stayin at the ole family farm, and kept hearing this "tip, tip, tippity tap" noise all night long, it was comming from that ole barn out there.

So, in the mornin I asked, Billy Joe, and Bobby Ray, what the hell all the noise was, all night long.They said "come on down to the barn and we'll show you our little project."

So, I went down to the barn and I could not believe my eyes.
They had all this metal, a ton of welding equipment, a couple of old tractors, a few old cars, and barrels of fuel.

They told me that last night they were building a fuel tank for this here rocket, they is buildin.
Man, it is impressive, bout 20feet in diameter, all kinds of wiring and such, complete with this here nose cone and ever thin.

I asked, Billy Joe, and Bobby Ray, where you boys planni on goin in this here rocket ship, no ways.
They tole me they was a goin to the Sun, in a very excited manner.
I said "the Sun"!!! Now you boys know that is the hottest thing we know about, hell it will melt that there space ship a fore you even git close to it."

Now I know you boys aren't that stoopid, have you even thought about that?

Billy Joe, now he's the smartest of the two, he spoke up real loud, cause I think it made him mad and all.

"Bob, you must really think we're stoopid or sumthin, we've thought this whole thing out and ever thin, thats the reason, we are leavin in the middle of the night, before the Sun even comes up."


Vodka Logic said...

lol.... hope your suitcase is packed

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

LOL! Okay...tell them to pack lots of water.

plainolebob said...

VL, them two are some kinda stoopid

Lee, I bet they never even thought bout no water

Innocent Owner of Flaming Mad Cats said...

LOL I dunno, sounds to me like they have it all figured out. I say let em go. :)

Bruce Coltin said...

I have them in my family too.

Sarah said...

uh...i was going to say i'll go but not after reading it. lol! better get ready for a hopping mad bess. :)

Rae said...

OMG. That is so funny. I think Bess and I are related. I know them stoopid boys. They are the ones hanging crooked off my family tree.

Marla said...

Well, Bob, at least them two fellars have SUNNY dispositions! They might could just make it. lol

Just Playin' said...

That's a good one! Pretty smart to go at night if ask me! :)

plainolebob said...

Mike, they will save you a seat too.

Bruce, I don't know these two are pretty far out there,lol.

Sarah, yeah, I may have to do that sewing room after all.

Miss Rae,That must be some tree you

Sandra, only problem is they don't know the difference, tween day an

Yeah they are "suuny", cept they do it in the shade.

Anonymous said...

lol... dem boys are really sum kinda stoopid. But I do see thm havin' sum extremely 'bright' futures

Anonymous said...

There's sum logic fer ya.

I had to come and see what all the kerfuffle was about over here.


plainolebob said...

Fierce, lol yeah not too brit but about to learn huh.

AV,glad you came, maybe these guys will listen to you.

~Ellie Kings~ said...

Oh boy! I guess they go beyond stoopid! too funny Bob!

Dayne Gingrich said...


Loving this.

Farila said...

You better leave with them to the sun ... before Bess comes.


Farila said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
plainolebob said...

Ellie, they give a whole new meaning to stoopid.

Coach, lol

Farila, I'm not scared, much anyway Rae Sandra

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