Monday, November 23, 2009

FOR ME? Man You Guys Are TOO Much I LOVE YOU ALL

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from Carnen at
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Thanks to Tugce!from Alice at

from Barbie at

This last week maybe two, I started a new blog site
and received these
There have been so many kind words said about me
that, I don't know what to say
and that is saying something.
Most Awards Come With  Some God Awful Rules!!!
They want to know 7 to 10 things about you
How do you define
and things like that.
I am Going to follow Hunters' lead
to some degree.
If you are a regular Follower
and a commenter,
In my eyes you deserve any and all awards that are
Not to cop out or anything, I just love all of
blogs so much.
So Take your pick
and go to the givers of these awards
and pass the
Now seven things you don't know about me, and will probably say, UH UH no way

  1. I do not drink gasoline, I prefer kerosene, better flavor and has less of an after taste.
  2. I do not wear hats of any kind, Except in the summer for shade.
  3. I only have ten years to live, they told me that twenty years ago.
  4. I love antiques and am a really big pack rat, I got more shi..., than most out houses.
  5. I follow no political agenda, they are all so screwed up they build a maze and expect us to find our way out.
  6. I follow no particular religious sect or group, I do not believe there should be so many, is there more than one god?
  7. Misss Burb thinks I am sexy, god I love that,lol
  8. And one to grow on, you guess.

Congrats to you all
are all


Rae said...

Congrats. You deserve the all around best blogger award too - if there is such a thing. You are just a lovable sort of guy. All those award rules are what made me stop accepting them. I love the awards but the rules got to be too much. Make them up as you go - no one will know the difference and probably wouldn't care anyway.

Hunter said...


And way to live life on the edge. ;)

ByDSea said...

Congrats. I can really relate to the "I have 10 years to live, they told me that 20 years ago" comment. So true, no one has an expiration date. Attitude and outlook is so important and yours is great!

Sarah said...

i think we can all relate to #4. lol. did i miss the 'you are my sunshine' award? i'm a little confused...

Alice in Wonderland said...

Well done, Bob! you deserve every award that is going! I'm pleased that I made that "You Are My Sunshine" award for you! You really are my Sunshine, and you really brighten up my day!
Just thought that I'd get this in before the power goes off again! I look forward to our chats everyday!
You take care of yourself and stop worrying about me! I can look after myself, and now I have these good looking soldiers to take care of me!
You just take care! Big hugs!

Marla said...

Well shoot, Bob. I was gonna make you a Butts and Ashes award but hearing ya only got 10 years to live out of the last twenty made me re-think it.

Congratulations to you, Mr. Bob. We're not worthy!

Lily Robinson said...

Congrats on the awards!

Farila said...

No one makes me laugh by picking a award or giving one like you do plainolebob. You are amazing.

So you expired ten yrs ago. Are you safe to go around blogging?

plainolebob said...

Miss Rae,I with you,lol
I always liked extemperaneous and adlib

Hunter, stole it from you,lol

ByDSea, them guys know nuthin,thanks

Sarah, don't be confused be happy

Alice, sounds like them soldiers are taking good care

Marla, yeah you would be ten years late,lol

Lily, thanks

Farila, yep, maybe thats why some of my writings are a little late

Count Sneaky said...

Bob, you are one of a kind. Kinda slick. Kinda country. Kinda funny. Kinda lovable. Kinda down to earth...which is good 'cause it's hard to walk without touching down.And kinda deserving of all those awards. My best Count Sneaky Rae Sandra

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