Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Awards-Trophies For Blogging

Aren't trophys' and awards just wonderful
Whether you are receiving one or know some one that did.
They are a show  for an achievement for a job well done
and recognized normally by your peers.
Today I thought I would touch on them for a very special reason.
Friday I am going to unveil
The Mr.Bob
"Hot Dawg"
Blogging award.
The blog will be all about the designer,
who receives the first one,
and why I decided to have an award that would come from

Monday, September 28, 2009

Circle of Friends/ The Inspiration From You All

I have received another blog award, this one is the  "Circle of Friends" award
This award came to me via Pollyanna from She told me to pass it on to my circle of friends so here goes.Polly, already has a spot on my blog as well, little heart stealin thing.

Mike.. my crazy cat owning have renewed many interests  and introduced me to the amazing wonder of crazy cats.

Chris..his blog is really out spoken, he tells it like he sees it, sometimes, most times, with graphic, man talk. You gotta love it though he very seldom if ever, misses the mark. He has been called on the carpet, for expressing his views, but we need Chris to keep things straight. I am proud to call him my friend.
His log spot is            "Style Bug", Julie has some post that are very well put together, she has post about fashion, health, and sometime just how she feels. Julie, does not have a lot of followers yet,  go by and check her out, dig through her archives.

Sandi k....What can I say, she such a sweet heart, and always shows something off. She has a recipe site too.
She has been such a good friend.

Jenny...she has been a really good friend of late, full of advice and help, always leaves a nice comment too. Pleas check her

It's not that I am being lazy, I just have found it a little easier to put all my choices on one post, since I still haven't figgered out this link thng.

Miss Rae, Now before you say anything, I know you no longer accept awards, but if you did you would receive  the ones here today and all the ones that I have ever been blessed with. You see the biggest inspiration, comes from realizing all the effort that it takes to just type these blogs out, even with love and passion.You are so relentless, so funny, and so loveable. Your blog brightens my day, it lights that little fire in me to write. I enjoy you site so very very much. So whether you accept, these awards or not, you deserve them all, but most of all you deserve to be read.

This next award was received from Jackie at the "Painted Veil"
Jackie has several blogs, and like Miss Rae stays very busy, her blog is not only beautiful, but filled with surprises, and a different theme for different days. Go and visit her, you will not regret it.
This award was a little surprising for me to receive, but will be a pleasure to pass on as you will see. I get inspired for many reasons, and in many ways. Some times a story can be inspiring, some times a happening, still others just stand on their own and stand alone. YOU have all inspired me, by your kind words, by just reading and putting up with my mistakes. HUGS to you all that are reading this right now.

He inspired me by writing about things that most others will not take the time to write about, by saying all that needs to be said in a concise and eloquent manner . You may or may not like him, you may or may not follow him, you may or may not read him. This man is a Writer, his name is Bruce Cotlin, and I can not say enuff good things about him. Just read him for your self, that is the proof.

When did I really lose touch with baseball, I can't really remember. Do I love sports? Oh YES, and was an avid baseball player. What brought me back to the sport, who was the inspiration? John S., from the first time I  saw his blog on the Boston Red Sox, at "Pahdon My Opinion

Farida Rizwan, has a blog site called, "Chapters From My Life" . This little blog site has some funny, but mostly inspiring blogs, like "hidden faces", and other hidden tid-bits. She lives in India, has two children and a lot to take care of, she is truly inspiring.

Alice In Wonderland, just another blog? Nope a fun an interesting site that has inspiring happenings, and heart warming banter, and she always leaves one of Those, comments that make you feel likee you are being read.

Charlene, Man what haven't I already said about you, yet you still keep it all going and never seem to time, the energiser bunny is a whimp next to you. I wouldn't even venture a guess at the number of people that you have inspired at "The Balance Beam", please just keep it going.

Many of you may not know this guy, but if you go to his blog site you will see how important he can be t us all. The legal system breeds what we have all become to know as "legalese", wouldn't it be great to have a voice that explains things in such a way that it makes since? Meet, Richard Roolsby, he does just that on a daily basis, an inspiration that there is hope for finding some one in the legal field, that gives an easy to understand answer. You might also want to check out his other sites.

Congratulations to you all, oh and by the way, Mike, please pick up both awards, your cats inspire me as well.

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Blogger? A Spy? Got em Guessin

You know you have become a blogger when:
You become an oustsider in your own lil  comunity.
These peeple in these parts don't have no clue.
Any time you start sumthin new, different, an all that, all of a sudden the rumer mills start werkin over time.

Cora Lee's, callin Jimmy's wife, who calls the preacher, who's sure you done gone an joined a cult.
Why even, ole Clem's worryin a little.
Everbodys, gonna band together, and try to save you from this evil habit.

You get a little critical cause, sum one is talkin round in circles, an you say hey wake up here, where's the content.

You ran into an old fren, an he says how ya doin Mr.Bob, an you answer, just fine got me forty them there followers now. Then you spend the next twenty minits splainin, no they ain't stalkers.

You git talkin to a neighbor, and discussin stuff whut needs to git done, an say, yeah lets start a thread, an then next thing you know, ever one thinks I've joined a quiltin bee.

You are talkin to peeple that you known fer years, an fer sum reason they can't git a handle,  on whut it is your a talkin bout, an you say, sorry let me edit this here text. Next thing you know you've terned into some kinda legal muckedy muck.

You go to the doctors office, think of sumthin funny, an say, got a pen and paper, I can borowey. They see you writen stuff down whut have nuthin to do with, symptems, or doctors advice, just sumthin funny bout fishin, and such. Next thing I know, is I'm werkin for the C.I.A.

You git asked for your  number and address, an you give em, your url, and e-mail address. Now ever one starts commin over askin if you can repair their computer.

Man, this bloggin stuff, tellin you folks, all these stories, and such, has really touched a nerve, with these folks here.

Mr. Bob, is now known as the, C.I.A. agent, whut doin the quiltin bee circut. Watch out he has stalkers werkin fer him, an they use their computers to sneak inside your house.

 Don't let him have no pen an paper, lessen you want em, grab you up and put you in his crazy cult. Put you on his bloggin farm and brain washin you an all.

Yep, gues I'm a right fine blogger now, just sos you know, hell I ain't nothin but a  story teller.
Hugs, to all, headed to the coffee shop. To meet with all my legal, muckedy muck, frens, Who knows may be, your there right now.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How Do You Humble Mr. Bob? Try This

 Wow huh. I read a comment around the fifth of september, that said     Awww that's a good one.

P.S. I have an award for you on my blog:) Posted it a few days ago,  so scroll down to find it.
September 5, 2009 8:54 AM
Well you all know me, hell, my curiosity didn't kill the cat, it gobbled the whole damn thing up. Sos, I, headed off for this here little ladys' blog site. Miss AlpHa Buttonpusher
It's called, "simplify",   alrighty then, I knew by a name like that, hey, won't have eny problem here. Git to this here blog site, an it is purtier than a blue toad. I am all excited now, sos, I srcoll down and find this here post, called, "Sharing  Some Love". I spot this here post, what has my name on it, now ever one here knows, specially Bess, I ain't the best shovel to dig with. This blog was posted there on September 3, 2009. Well aroun this time, was when the cable company here, was puttin in that fiber optic stuff, my computer was down for a day or two while they was stuffin all that fiber in them little ole lines.
Any way, I totally screwed up, hell, I ain't never won nuthin more that $2 on a lotto scratch off before, much less some one trying to give me a beeautiful award.
So, I'll give you my  best ole THANK-YOU that I can muster,  now ya'll go over there and read this  beeautiful bolg site.
You will be happy you did.

After I figgered all that there out,   I git a comment from Miss Sandra thet said,

WAy to go. Now....drumroll....
You just have to go to my blog right now because there is a surprise there for you. Read Passing The Torch and enjoy!


Mathy,Techy, Artsy Fartsy
September 14, 2009 5:10 PM
Now ain't this sumthin, sos, I head off to miss sandras' blog site, figgeren she's got me a coupond for ten dollars off on beer, Miss Sandra knows I love beer, But love them off couponds more.
I git to this "Passing The Torch" blog, and thinks to my self, hell, I don't see no couponds, must be sumthin else.
I git to lookin, an spot my name, there, right in her blog, now can you imagine such. I'll be danged, for you yankees, that's kinda like sayin , I'll be hanged.  Says she's givin me an award. Sumthin bout "I Picked These Folks Go And Visit Them". Now ain't that sumthin. Yep, not kiddin, another award, hell, gonna have to remodel this here blog, cept don't tell Bess.
Miss Sandra, some of you might remember, was a "posse" member. She is a school teacher, math at thet, I lernt all my gizzentas from her, just kidden, never did lern them. I'm a gonna display thet award proudly too, and hers on big THANk- YOU from the bottom of my heart. you can find Miss Sandra at,
How I ever got an award from these two beeeeutiful women I"ll never know, hell, I didn't even git em drunk or nuthin, guess they felt sorry for me or sumthin.
Thank- you all for ever thin, hell, I even polished my boots for this, sos you know how I feel right now.

"Simplify".... a blog site with every thing. Classy, well written, easy reader friendly site. Has a diversification of items, ranging from Poetry to Jokes....Fantastic Art work...... and every thing is beautifully laid out. A blog site that would be foolish to pass up. Thank-you AlpHa Buttonpusher

"Mathy, Techy, Artsy Fartsy"......a blog site that was designed for teachers, by a teacher, but do not be fooled. This site combine the wit of Miss Sandra and her love for teaching in a fashion that truly pulls you in, and you may even learn something. Thank-you Miss Sandra

Ole Bob here agin, onlyest thing I know is I gotta pass these awards on to you beautiful bloggers, read some blogs and figger out who deserves it next. Now I didn't see no long list of rules or nuthim, sos I'm gonna visit  and Miss AlpHas'and Miss Sandras' blog sites, and mine.I'm gonna read for comments, look at the followers, read a buncha blogs, and make a decision, hell, I already had one too long with out knowin, so I got some readin to do now.
One more time Here are the  links.                       

Monday, September 14, 2009

High Tech

Mr.Bob , is just now learning how to work this computer. I just fond out I can make the screen big enuff to read. I know some of you are laffin, but i promise I'm not a high tech kinda guy.
Got oneah them new t.v.s, that hang on the wall, now, if I can just get it off, that thing where they write out the words,  man that's agravatin. It is nice to see all them channels though, all four of em.
The thing even has a clock on it, cept, it's on New York time, and I live in central time, always gettin up an hour earlier to watch the mornin news.
Hell, it ain't even got no knobs, took me two days to figger out how to change the station, and pbs is ok, but man I had to listen to ball game on the radio in my truck.
My kids got me this walk around phone thingy, it just kept ringing, I couldn't even answer the thing. then the damn thing started talkin to me, sayin so and so is callin, hell, the phone is smarter then me, or it's an esp phone or sumthin.
But this computer, man it really amazes me, talk to prople ever where and such. I pushed the wrong keys a couple times, and wow the stuff what popped up on this screen.
These real nice folks asked me bout my opinion on some stuff, said I would get some kinda gift and all, just or takin this survey. That thing had bout a million questions, don't think I ever finished it.
These things poppin up all the time tellin me I won sumthin an other, I mean the lights flash and all, I musta been the milionth viewer on about 8  things by now, guess I'm just lucky thet a way.
I'll let you know whut all I win, soons I finish this survey, hell I been workin on it  bout 6 hours now, ain't gonna quit till I git it done neither.
Check back in. I'll let you know.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Much Thanks From Plainolebob

Hey yall, thanks for all the wonderful b-day greetings yesterday. As you all know 9/11 is not realyy a great day to have a b/day, but you all perked up my day.
A special thanks to for the wonderful birthday present yesterday, she became my 100th follower. Her blog is very different in that she makes very nice tee shirts with her own twist.

While visiting this site please check out the side bar, I have a lot of the blogs that i follow listed there.

My daughter asked me how I got so many people to read my blog site and follow, and this is how I explained it,
!.) I read a lot of other bloggers blogs, read them, i don't skim over or scroll through them, I read them.
2.) I leave a comment so that if I have been there, they know I have read their blog.

No big secret  really, if someone takes the time to express them self, throw that part of them self out there, for the world to see, they deserve the respect that you want to receive.

I have found the best blogs, from the coffee shop discussions, and from my followers list of followers. Therefore please look at all of my followers, look up a blogger, give them a visit, read, and comment. They are all wonderful people, I'm sure they would love a visit and comment from you.

My followers, readers, friends, I cherish them all, and you, whether it is your first visit to one of my two sites, or you regularly stop in, I appreciate  your visit and visits very, very  much.

Thanks for letting me express this today and please keep stopping by, hugs to all.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Team Work

The Indian chief had 10 sons.
The old chief was trying to decide which son should lead the tribe after he passes.
They all had their own ideas of how things should be done.
Some were for warring, some for peace, a few wanted to move the tribe north, and a few wanted to move the tribe south.
All were creating dissension within the tribe, it looked to him like the tribe would split up and die out.
So he gathered his sons together and asked them all to try and come up with a solution to keep the tribe intact.
When they were all together, he asked them to step forward one by one to present their solutions and ideas.
One by one the came forward, one by one they would argue their point.
Peace, war, move north, move south, then the youngest son stepped forth to present his solution.
He handed his 9 brothers each a twig.
Now he asked each to break the twig. They each snapped the twig into small pieces.
He then handed each brother 10 twigs, asked them to tie them together, and to break them.
Not one brother was able, to break the bound twigs.
The youngest son, then explained like the lone twig, if the the tribe stands alone, it breaks easily, but when united, they are strong and can not be divided. We must be as the bound twigs, to survive.
A hush fell among the brothers.
The chief had found the answer he had been seeking in the youngest son.
The tribe will succeed and live on.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A little something different from ole Bob, or Mr. Bob, as most of you thet follow know.
In the morning I usually go and read all the new post from the bloggers that follow me, leave my comment, and search for others to read.
Today i ran across two back to back , that touched me and hit a chord.
The first by Millie River at "my random acts of kindness". She touched on how the blogging changed her life, and gave her a purpose, and direction.
The  other is a post by Hunter at "Time Crook", I always read his new posts even though he doesn't follow me. His post today  "the strength of ten men", really hit home for several personal reasons that I don't fell like sharing yet. This post is one that some will miss the message, god I hope not, but one that is worthy.
Some times I just feel like sharing things that I have read that I feel may be over looked but these strike a chord with me.
So you see i read a lot of blogs, i have probably already read yours too, I just can't mention them all, as i really do struggle just to type all this out.
Thanks for stoppin in, laff anyways.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Stinky kitchen

Kitchen Remodel --... in plainolebob's Blog

Posted on Sep 8, 2009 9:48 AM
Bess was gone visitin her sister, Cora Lees'. Now ain't nuthin unusual 
 cause she goes to visit a lot and all. Durin the spring and the fall, we
 have to put out poison for them field mice, and such. When it rains
hard, we have to do the same thing, for the dang ole, big brown yard
 roachs, whut come inside the house. You know them big ugly ones.

We were goin thru one these spells, when I decide to put out them
 little bags of mice poison, and them fumigatin bomb things out, to get
 rid of them, and them other pesky house pets. This is why Bess, 
leaves to visit Cora Lee.
So, I, put them things ever where, under the cabinets, in the attic
, under the house, spray that Demon bug killer all round the house,
and go back to set off all the bombs. Now I use a lot of them bomb
 things, cause I wanna git rid of ever thin.
In the mean time, I go fishin down to Roll Gully, where my favoright
fishin hole is. Always catch a mess of fish there, besides can't do
round that house, with them bombs goin off and such.
I catch a mess of fish, more than a three tweleve pack fishin trip ought
to allow, you betcha. I figger, that house bomb stuff, ought to done it's
thing by now, sos I head home, clean them fish, put em in the freezer,
I got
 one them big deep freezers, you know, one them Kenmore type, whut
a lot.
I sweep up all them dead bugs, whut had died, didn't want Bess gittin
upset for this mess.
I go out side, in the back and fire up the BBQ pit and cooks me some
 chops and stuff on the grill, drank some beer, and made me some chops to
eat, there were a few left over, took em inside for later.
Next mornin, I'm sittin on the front porch, drinkin my coffee readin the
 paper,wavin at the people on their way to werk, waitin on Clem to bring
 the mail, and visit a spell.
Directly, Clem, shows up with the mail. He stops, says howdy , goes inside to
 git him a cup a coffee. Thats what we been doin for years. Any ways, he
 comes back outta the house, with this god awful look on his face, and says,
 Mr. Bob, what the hey is that awfullest smell comin outta yore kitchen. I
 thought for a minnit, and said Clem ain't nothin, I put out them bombs,
 to kill them unwanted house pets, othern that I don't know whut it might be.
So,Clem left to finish his mail rounds and such.
When I went back inside, after finishin the paper, I could smell
somethin that just weren't right, figgered it would go away.
Next mornin, this smell had grown so strong, I just knowed a mouse
 had died some wheres. I started huntin, lookin ever where, finally decided
 it must be in one the walls. Now I figger, this gonna be a chore, findin out
 which one these walls is holdin that dead mouse. It was.
I start tearin out cabinets, tearin up walls and such, makein a god awful
 mess. Worst part is, Bess, is gonna be back in three days, an I got this
whole kitchen done tored up and didn't find no mouse any wheres, man
 I gotta fix this kitchen back up, and pronto.
I, go to Lowes, and pick out all these cabinet to replace, cause I done
 tored up all the ones whut was there. They got these real good ones, whut
 are easy to put in and such, buy em, load em up, take em home and git started.
Day fore Bess gits home, and all them nice new cabinets is put in, lookin
good too, onlyest thing is, you can still smell thet god awful smell. Sos I figger,
 best way to git rid of thet there smell is to kill it. I git one them big bottles
of Clorox, and wash ever thin down. Man, I sill smell that stuff, sos I git
 me a gallon of amonia and wash thet over the Clorox. Now, I don't
 know if eny of you, ever done thet afore or not, but man this stuff will
 burn them little hairs off the inside your nose, like you wont't believe.
 My eyes is watterin, my breathin ain't there, man I git out that house,
 faster then a preacher goin after fried chicken.
If thet there don't kill thet smell ain't nuthin gonna werk.
I'm sittin on the front porch, readin the paper, drinkin my coffee, wavin
 at people on their way to werk, when Bess drives up. Just now gettin
back from Cora Lees' house.
She is so happy to see me, gives me a big kiss and hug, when I tell
 her she has new kitchen cabinets. Yep, went to Lowes and decided to
surpize ya. You betcha.
Bess, goes in the kitchen, to check out these here brand new cabinets
and such. Now I'm more nervous then a cow with a buck toothed calf,
when she says, oh Mr. Bob, these are beautiful, you finally got me these
 cabinets that I have been dreamin bout. More kisses, more hugs, then that
dang smell, raises up like a smoke detekter goin off. Maaaaan, I do not
 need that smell messin up all this sweetness, she smells it too.
I said, honey, must be a dead mouse somewheres here, I thought I smelt
 it too. I did not mention, the earlier events, leading up to these brand
 new cabinets, from Lowes, only that i would hunt down the place
 where the smell might be commin from.
Bess, is hungry from her ride from Cora Lees', and ask me to turn on the
 oven to make some bisquits. I turn on the oven, go get them bisquits
and start hearin this funny sound. It's commin from the oven, pop pop,
 sizzle sizzle. smoke pourin out and all.
I turn thet oven off real quick like, open the oven door, you ain't gonna
 believe this.
Remember them pork chops, I had left over, when I got back from
 fishin, well here they were, filled with poppin bugs, cookin up like little
 pop corns and the worst god awful smell you could ever imagine.
Those were the most expensive chops I ever cooked.
But, Bess, got her dream cabinets.

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

On a Journey

A little food for thought, my style, of getting to the point.

There once was an Indian chief that had three sons.
His lesson to teach was theirs to learn.
He sent them on an errand. To climb a specially high mountain and bring back what they may find.
They set off on their journey, hiked to the mountain and saw that it was very tall.
The first son climbed to just above the point where the mountain was changing from grassy to rocky, getting tired he picked some heather to bring back to show his father.

The second son, climbed  to a point where the eagles hung out, the taller trees, with their nesting grounds. He found an eagle feather to show his father.

The last son, climbed and climbed, getting very tired,but finally making it to the top. Alas ther was nothing there to bring to his father. Hanging his head in shame he headed back down the mountain  to face his father.

The first son arrived with the heather, and his father told the son, well son at least you made an attempt at this errand, but you only made the first plateau. The heather only grows in the lower resting area, where most people stop.

The second son arrived with the eagle feather, knowing that his father would be much pleased with this prize.
The father greeted the son and accepted the eagle feather. My son you took off an the errand and you did very well, it is not an easy task I know and to bring back this eagle feather is very commendable. A job well done my son.

The third son arrived, with a tear in his eye, he said. Father forgive me for failing you by bringing nothing back, not even a small token, or gift. My father, at the top of the mountain, there was nothing to find, other than the view of our great lands, the river winding below. the wind blowing in your face, and a peace and calm that i have never before felt in my short life, my father can you forgive me? Oh, my son, there is nothing to forgive, for you see, you are the only one that truly fulfilled the task, the greatest gift you could have given me is in the pride I now have. A son that dares to go where only the eagles dare soar.

I can't remember where or when I first heard this story, only that I was very young when I heard it, and I have no idea whether I even told it to it's truest. There is no particular author that i know of, but isn't a great story to tell to others.

Thanks for today and hopefully I can write another something tomorrow.

If you have a story you want to share or just leave a comment, the comment box is always open.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Stuff for sale!! !!

For sale:
2 tires barely used, still hold air, made of real rubber, great for old tree swings and such

Plants--all kinds, green ones, brown ones, some multicolored ones, don't even have to water em no more

Horse..cheeep, can't see too good, likes kids and oats, pretty hair, and he's house broke

Burial plot-- already has a marker, nice view, low utility bills, available now, 1st and last mos. payment, no lease

Truck--very nice still runs, has wheels, only wrecked twice, never been hit by no train either.

Quick sale---all prices negotiable---cash only Rae Sandra

PICKS betty chris pick mike sarah patty bess sandee, by me polly miss rae jenno miss sandra hunter

smellthecoffeelisa crib lad susan from roni

fictiongroupie alice

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Always a pleasure! ! !

You can never have too many friends! ! !

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